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Do you have a Bucket List?

Or not:

May 21, 2011: Not the end of the world

Ed Hindson, president of the World Prophetic Ministry, a distinguished professor of religion at Liberty University and host of “The King is Coming” on Trinity Network, says so flat out.

Hindson says Harold Camping “doesn’t have the right date.” And it’s not the first time. Camping earlier predicted Rapture for September 1994 and has a backup date of Oct 21 in case he is wrong this time.

Hindson is quite confident that vthe world will go on past Saturday. In fact, he is giving a speech to 10,000 people in California on Sunday, the day after Camping’s doomsday. Presumably those who are planning to come also do not believe that Saturday will be their last day on Earth.

How does Hindson know for sure? “There’s no solid biblical basis” he says. “God doesn’t give us a specific date. Jesus said, nobody knows the day and the hour. The Bible also tells you not to set the date for the second coming.” Click Here for more..

I Feel....
Regardless of what you believe or what happens. It's always good to enjoy the moments in each day that you find Happiness and always try to spread it to others.   Like a sign I found in New Orleans that is hanging in my home.. 'Be Nice Or Leave'!
Enjoy what ever moments you have with Loved ones and friends. They are precious. Where ever we end up when our time has come, I hope
it's somewhere that still brings us Happy Moments in a day. YOU ROCK!!!

As far as a Bucket List.... HHHMMMM

05/20/2011 6:21AM
Do you have a Bucket List?
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