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How to win $1 Million Dollars...

Larry Flynt, 'Hustler Magazine', will pay $1 Million to the person who can dig up info about Governor Rick Perry's sexual encounters.
The king of smut is credited for uncovering the extra-marital affairs of Louisiana Republican Rep. Bob Livingston during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings. Livingston resigned in the aftermath. Later, Flynt helped expose Sen. David Vitter, also of Louisiana, as a client of a D.C. prostitution ring.

Is this really necessary during a time where we need to worry about jobs, the economy, wars, and even satellites crashing down on us? It would be nice if instead of pulling dirt on a candidate, about their personal affairs, they would dig deep to find out what a candidate can actually do to help the good of the nation. I know, that's boring... Mud slinging, name calling and finding morale faults on politicians is way more entertaining during a campaign. I'm still waiting to hear how anyone is going to fix the mess we are in right now.

What are your thoughts on this?

Sidenote on the Satellite...
NASA saying it could fall sometime late this afternoon into early morning hours tomorrow.
They are putting the odds of a falling part to hit anyone at  1-3200. Does that scare anybody else besides me?  Supposedly an individual hit on a particular person is around 1 in 20 trillion.  Just remember you are more likely to have a  part of a satellite fall on you than win the lottery.
That is the kind of luck we don't need.

...Most likely by far is that the remains of the satellite will drop into the ocean, or be strewn across one of the planet's most desolate regions, such as Siberia, the Australian outback or the Canadian tundra. Nasa put the odds of anyone being struck by a falling part of the spacecraft at one in 3,200. The individual risk to a particular person is much less – one in 3,200 multiplied by the billions that live under the satellite's flight path. "The odds of you as an individual being hit by this are around one in 20 trillion," Dr Robert Massey of the Royal Astronomical Society told the BBC.

09/23/2011 5:48AM
How to win $1 Million Dollars...
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