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Hillside Farmacy

I am obsessed with all of the new fun places popping up in Austin! Today my friend Lindsey and I met for a ladies lunch at the newly opened Hillside Farmacy on East 11th! 

I loved this place even before I tried it! It is perfect for a ladies lunch! They also have a dinner menu and a raw bar...so I am thinking this could be a really fun date place as well.

Lunch was affordable...the place was packed in a good way...and the food was really good. I can't wait to go back! (They also have a room with a big table that can accomodate private parties...always good to know)

Here is a really cool article about the history of the place. Click here to read. 

Click here for their website

Click here for their facebook page!

All right...so here is what I gathered.

There is a bar.

There are some amazing looking pastries, desserts, meats, and cheeses in these cases!

Hilside Farmacy is also a mini grocery store with things like local jams and mixes on the shelves surrounding you as you eat!

Even the details like the salt and pepper shakers were cute!

My friend had the Mac and Cheese and the Thank You Sandwich (roasted chicken, smoked mozzarella and strawberry orange jam)...both super tasty. I know this because she shared. What a good friend!

I tried a small plate called, "The House Gravlax." I had to aske the waitress what that meant... turned out to be smoked salmon!

Hillside Farmacy also has an afternoon tea for $20! How much fun would that be with a group of girls! Sign me up!

Since the menus are not online yet...I snapped some blurry/bad pics of the menu!


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03/07/2012 6:26PM
Hillside Farmacy
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04/02/2012 6:20AM
I love places like this!
This is awesome...thanks for sharing. I will definately go and try this place this week!!
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