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Heather Rivera
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Heather's Thingies Blog

Huey fits...

*I recently read a story about  Pet Names &
There are some
'No Nos'..
1.) Never name your Pet Lucky.... because something
bad always seems to happen to Luckys

2.) Don't recycle names- Fluffy 1, 2, 3.. so on

3.)Be Careful about Pop Culture Motivations for Pet Names
Example: Simba after Lion King/ Pug... or Hannah Montana/Lab

4.) Don't be dull: 'Snowball' for a White Dog or 'Smoky' for a Gray Cat

5.) Don't name your Pet after a something the FCC could fine you for...

*It's good to name your Pet after something they may fit or works for them..
That's what Ted & I did w/ 'Huey'..

*It wil be the 8th Anniversary coming up when we got Huey in Tampa, FL
over Memorial Day Weekend.  Huey had a Brother, but we couldn't afford both.
They were called Bert & Ernie, I believe Huey was Ernie.  I wasn't digging that Sesame
Street Name.  Ted & I were driving over to  sign  paper work to get Huey, discussing names.
I wanted a Rocker name like Izzy or Ozzy!  Ted said let's wait & see what 'He' Fits..
Well, while I was signing the paperwork. Ted was in a room w/ him sitting on a
plastic patio chair.  Huey was underneath it trying to Jump in his lap.
He didn't make it to far kept bumping his head cause he didn't & wouldn't clear the
Chair.  Ted was laughing & told me..Hey Honey, we need to name him Huey..
after Baby Huey-Cartoon Character...


... Huey has been a Big part of our family ever sense...

 It's been a Great 8 years w/ Huey, even if he's stubborn as all Heck. Good thing he's Cute.
Huey is getting ready to have surgery next Wednesday 5/26. He has to get a bump removed
from his eyelid so it doesn't affect his sight.  Of course, I'm nervous. I want everything to
be okay for our 'Baby Huey'! So Good JuJu vibes are much appreciated! :)
Huey will send them back to ya!! :)


05/17/2010 11:00PM
Huey fits...
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