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Why Walt?

While the most UNPOPULAR dentist in the World Walt P is in hiding, there is a positive that can be done in honor of Cecil the Lion. www.wildcru.org This is the website of the 'Wildlife Conservation Research Unit' at Oxford. They had been tracking Cecil for research and the reason why his body was found. You could make a donation in honor of Cecil.. R.I.P!

Check out Jimmy's thoughts.....


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Excited for November!!

Are you ready? I am! This gets me pumped for November 20th when THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2 hits theaters. The conclusion... IT LOOKS AWESOME! I hope it is. In fact I hope the movie has a bit better of an ending than the book. The book's ending seemed rushed to me, but of course that's my opinion. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. It will be on my things to do on or around my birthday (11/25) list. #MockingjayPart2

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Lucky #s are EVERYWHERE!

A reminder of what's coming at you to Get Lucky w/ Mix 94.7!
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It's coming!

Austin Water has a bunch of 411 on what they are doing and what you can do to help ATX w/ the water shortage and the water quality. Drinking Water Quality Report, Watering Restrictions, Water Conservation, Austin Water History and more.

Click here to find out more!

Promo_Stage2Austin Water is currently in Stage 2 Water Restrictions. This means the amount of water in lakes Travis and Buchanan have fallen below a minimum supply level. Water is a limited resource. Remember to adjust your automatic sprinklers or manual watering times based on your address. Click here! Here's another way to conserve water when it comes to your lawn. Thanks to Shannon / PA for sending this heads up! Besides having a lack of water supply in Texas, nationwide and even worldwide, water quality is an issue too. The month of August is dedicated to getting the word out about improving water quality.

Did you know we're in the tailend of the International Decade of 'Water For Life'?
"Declining water quality has become a global issue of concern as human populations grow, industrial and agricultural activities expand, and climate change threatens to cause major alterations to the hydrological cycle. Globally, the most prevalent water quality problem is eutrophication, a result of high-nutrient loads (mainly phosphorus and nitrogen), which substantially impairs beneficial uses of water. Major nutrient sources include agricultural runoff, domestic sewage (also a source of microbial pollution), industrial effluents and atmospheric inputs from fossil fuel burning and bush fires. Lakes and reservoirs are particularly susceptible to the negative impacts of eutrophication because of their complex dynamics, relatively longer water residence times and their role as an integrating sink for pollutants from their drainage basins. Nitrogen concentrations exceeding 5 milligrams per litre of water often indicate pollution from human and animal waste or fertilizer runoff from agricultural areas." More 411 here.

There are things you can do to help w/ the quality of used water coming from your home/business through 'Clean Water Action' "About half of the U.S. population lives within 50 miles of a coastline where runoff flows quickly to the ocean. This is why watershed protection — attention not only to the body of water but the area that drains into it — is important. The Environmental Protection Agency, which reports that 40 percent of the nations waterways suffer water quality problems, has a detailed watershed database, which allows users to locate which watershed they live in and learn about how polluted it is and what actions they can take to protect their regional water quality.

Clean Water Action offers a succinct but thorough factsheet on what individuals and families can do to prevent water pollution from their homes, including:

  • not using antibacterial soaps or cleaning products
  • not flushing unwanted or out-of-date medications down the toilet or drain
  • not putting anything but water down storm drains
  • fixing leaks that drop from cars and putting liners in driveways to collect oil and other materials
  • avoiding using pesticides or chemical fertilizers
  • choosing nontoxic household products when possible
  • picking up after pets
  • not paving properties
More 411 here!"
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I'm ready to 'GET SAUCED!'

Are you? I'm talking 'Sauce & Soul'! My honey Ted and I will be out of town visiting family his family next week. I'll be back Monday 7/27, in plenty of time for the big Happy Hour Party on Wednesday 7/29! I've started working on my 'Groove Move!' Check it out and get more 411. Get tickets before they sell out!

Have a Happy & Safe Weekend! Y'all Rock!
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The Nominees are....

The Prime Time Emmy Award nominees were announced a bit ago. 2 of my favorite shows got the most nominations. Game Of Thrones has 24 and American Horror Story: Freak Show has 19. Go Jessica Lange as 'Elsa Mars'. Andy Samberg will host the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards on September 20. Fox will broadcast them live from the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

Here's the full list:
The list w/ photos:

I'm Happy AHS:Freak Show got so much Emmy nod love. I'm looking forward to AHS: Hotel on FX in October. Lady GaGa is part of the cast. A recent add is Richard T. Jones who will play Dectective Hahn, a Los Angeles police Homicide Dectective.

"Jones joins Sarah Paulson, Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Angela Bassett, Max Greenfield, Finn Wintrock, Wes Bentley, Evan Peters, and Chloë Sevigny in Hotel. Jones recently appeared opposite Reese Witherspoon in feature Hot Pursuit, and will next be seen in Sony's upcoming pic Concussion. His other TV credits include recurring roles on CBS' Extant and Netflix's Narcos. Jones is repped by APA, Michael McConnell at Artists International Management and Felker Toczek. (more)"

Lady GaGa shares a photo of a bloody script from the show. Click here!

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Help Change the World...

This is a really cool promotion for Back-to-School that will help children around the World while being nice to Mama Earth. Click the photo!
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Getting ready for October!!

Is it wrong/weird I got giddy after watching this :10 tease for American Horror Story: Hotel on FX in October. It was announced 5ish months ago that Lady GaGa will be part of the cast and will turn evil. This tease shows a bit of her character...

Characters names have been revealed too:
Sarah Paulson - Hypodermic Sally
Evan Peters - Mr. March
Kathy Bates - Iris
Matt Bomer - Donovan

Angela Bassit - Ramona

They will ALL be EVIL! More


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What's up in 15 years?

Family photo 1What are your plans in 15 years? Well, you may have to add a 'Mini- Ice Age' event w/ your plans.This write up came out. Whatever you know, think or believe. It's never to late to do '1 Thing' to help Mama Earth to avoid making things worse. In fact, it can help now and 15 years later... Here's the write up I ran into this morning.

"Scientists warn that the Earth is just 15 years away from experiencing a "mini ice age" — something that hasn't happened in 300 years. Researchers in the U.K. created a new model of the Sun's solar cycles that allows them to make extremely accurate predictions of changes in solar activity like never before. Solar cycles typically last 11 years and during that time, the north and south magnetic poles flip. It looks a lot like a heartbeat when graphed out. We're currently in Cycle 24. The solar scientists say that the latest model shows the Sun's magnetic waves will become offset in Cycle 25 which peaks in 2022. Then, in Cycle 26, solar activity will fall by 60 per cent during between 2030 and 2040 causing this "mini ice age". Professor Valentina Zharkova, who presented the findings at the National Astronomy Meeted in Wales, said, "In cycle 26, the two waves exactly mirror each other – peaking at the same time but in opposite hemispheres of the Sun. Their interaction will be disruptive, or they will nearly cancel each other." So what does that mean for us? Pretty much what you'd expect. Bitter cold winters — cold enough to freeze River Thames in England, which is exactly what happened when the last "mini ice age" hit between 1645 and 1715. "
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Watch out for this Rising Star.....

I had so much fun at the Cedar St. Courtyard last night for the Big Show w/ Katy Tiz..Thanks to Palm Breeze. Katy is an up & coming British Popstar that is making her way through the states. Her stop at ATX was fantastic. She said she 'BLOODY LOVED ATX'. She loves Reggae and has a lot of that vibe in her music and how she performs. Her performance is fresh, cool and smooth. She also has a Great personality besides being Uber Talented and Pretty too. A complete package that should make HER STAR RISE!.

I had the chance to get to know her a bit.... She's very COOL ...

Here's Katy's performance of her new single 'Whistle'...

Be sure to keep an eye out on Katy Tiz. www.katytizmusic.com @katytizmusic
Here's some more Katy Tiz ear candy from last night. This song may sound familiar if you're a 'Mob Wives' show fan.
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So UNCOOL.. This gets me SO ANGRY!

It gets me SO ANGRY when others feel the need to steal things. Things that we work to hard to get and keep, and having to worry about someone else who doesn't want to work that hard, just sucks. Burglaries are going up in and around the ATX area. Whether it's tires and parts being stolen from vehicles to garage breaks ins, please keep an eye out for each other. It's always a good thing to get to know your neighbors whether you live in a house, condo, apartment.. knowing each other make you more mindful of each other. You look out for each other, that certainly doesn't hurt catching those who think they need to steal our stuff.

Don't leave things that can be seen in your car, because they will probably be stolen which sucks, but it's today's reality.The lastest is a rise in Burglary hits in GARAGES. Check out these APD tips and watch out for each other!

Burglary prevention tips, according to APD:

1. Don't leave your remote in the car.
Thieves know right where to look for your garage door opener remote—clipped to the visor in your car. To avoid giving them easy access to your garage, take the remote with you when you leave the car.

2. Install deadbolt locks and solid doors.
Install a solid door and a good-quality dead bolt and reinforce the doorjamb and hinges to resist a brute-force attack.

3. Install motion detector lights.
Install light fixtures that have a built-in motion detector to discourage burglars from forcing entry.

4.Cover windows to stop prying eyes.
To prevent burglars from "casing the joint," cover glass so they can't "window shop." Use curtains, shades or blinds. Or apply a translucent film to the glass that obscures vision but still lets in light.

5. Disable the overhead door when away.
When you go away on vacation, unplug the garage door opener. If you don't have an opener, padlock the latch or disable the door by putting a bolt through one of the holes in the garage door track.This will prevent someone from coming in through the overhead door while you're away.

6 Keep your garage door closed.
Leaving the garage door open is practically an invitation to burglars, not to mention that you're really presenting a storefront window display of your possessions to anyone driving by.

For more information, contact the Burglary Unit at 512-974-6941 or visit http://austintexas.gov/department/burglary-unit

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Veronica made my morning...

I was having one of those mornings, until I watched Veronica's 'Summer Safety Tips'. She definitely made me smile. Lovin this.. If you're having one of those days, Veronica may be able to turn that frown upside down (which I'm not a fan of saying that, but it's true). I couldn't help but smile, and laugh when I watched Veroncia and her passion she had on the topic of Sharks.. she even throws a Bear in there.. Click here to watch her!
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Cedar Park ROCKS! Thank you for having Mix 94.7 at the 4th of July Celebration at Milburn Park.
It was a blast!
Y'all Rock! HR

It was Great seeing Mix Friends & meeting & making new friends too!

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What if there was no more Beer?

What if the last beer you had was this holiday weekend? Or the last cherry you ate (no more cherry pie) ? I had a lot of honey in my tea and on my food over the holiday weekend. These yummies could be gone???

Checking my email this morning, I ran across this story from my friend Shannon in PA. Five foods that my no longer exist because of climate change. I know there is a huge debate about whether there is such a thing as 'Global Warming', but whatever is happening, the climate is changing which has been causing changes in everything. There are 5 foods that may not exist anymore if the pattern continues.. Could you imagine never having Seafood, Maple Syrup, Honey, Beer or even cherries...

Check out why these could be foods of the past in the near future... Do '1 Thing' that is nice for Mama Earth, and maybe keep the foods that we love available to eat. I would rather not know a world without honey! Big Love for that! Click here!
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Heads up on Illegal FIreworks!

I wish you a Happy & Safe 4th of July Weekend! Also a legal one would be cool too! Here's a legal idea... Join MIx 94.7 for the Cedar Park 4th of July Bash w/ a Free Big Fireworks Show! http://www.mix947.com/pages/21629453.php?#.VZST5BtVikp

Here's a heads up on Illegal Fireworks:

"Fireworks that shoot up into the air are not legal within Austin city limits. But if you see your neighbors, shooting fireworks don't call 911. "Please call 311 because we want to leave those 911 calls for the emergency's for when those fireworks happen to start a grass fire or if it's up against someone's house or if someone gets hurt, we want that to be at the very top of the list," says Lt. De La Reza.

In the past, 911 has been inundated with thousands of calls. If you're caught with illegal fireworks in Austin you could be hit with a $568 fine. If your fireworks cause damage to property or a person you could be charged with a felony"

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Drink more....

WATER! Did you know July is Hydration Month?! I just found this out, whyich makes sense since it's summer time... in Texas.. HOT. This leads to de-hydration, which doesn't do a body good. As much as you might like beer and the frostly beverages to quinch a thirst in the heat of July, they don't hydrate you properly. Be sure to add some water first. I also learned some coffee before exercising can be a good thing! I received an email from the Entercom Wellness Group, and I wanted to share w/ you! Check it out and don't be thirsty ATX! STAY HYDRATED!!! I need to work on more water int ake too. I'm not a fan of the taste, or lackof taste. Put a little flavor to it, and that helps big time!

July is Hydration Awareness Month!

Maintaining good hydration is critical to maintaining good health, especially since the human body is about 66% water. Poor hydration results in the buildup of toxins in our bodies which can lead to dry and itchy skin, acne, sinus pressure, headaches, and fatigue.

It's important to stay hydrated, especially when outside or exercising, as our bodies lose 2-3 quarts of water a day due to perspiration and breathing. In addition to drinking water, you can also eat hydrating fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, grapefruit, and celery!

In order to combat dehydration, please see the list below!

5 Tips to help you keep hydrated this summer
  1. You can determine how much water you need to drink a day by taking your body weight and dividing it by 2! This is the number in ounces of water that you need to be drinking each day.
  2. Pinch yourself! Pinching your skin is an easy way to check your hydration. Hold your skin between your fingers for a few seconds. When you let go, if the skin takes a while to return to its normal position, you may be dehydrated.
  3. Caffeine is good source of hydration! Drinking12 ounces of coffee an hour before you exercise can help you work out longer and boost your endurance. It can also ease exercise-related aches and pains.
  4. Carbohydrates found in sweetened sports drinks provide energy to help delay fatigue. Lab tests have shown that 6% carbohydrate (14 grams of carbohydrate per 8 ounces of water) is the optimal percentage of carbs for speeding fluid and energy back into the body.
  5. Drink at least 20 ounces one or two hours before exercising to hyperhydrate your body and allow enough time for adequate hydration.
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4th of July thought...

As pretty as Fireworks can be in the sky, they aren't Mama Earth Friendly. New studies are showing that. Also they aren't very healthy. It's suggested to watch them upwind, so you aren't getting a direct hit from the smoke/ particals they get in the air. To help, check out some of the public firework shows rather than adding to the pollution by doing your own (which I hear are illegal in many places in Central TX area. Travis County included.) There are many free shows to check out. Here are couple of ideas... Also think about reusing/recylcing if/when throwing 4th of July parties. Any 1 Thing you can do to help Mama Earth helps Big Time! Have a Happy & Safe 4th of July Weekend!

Auditorium shores Cedar Park

(New York AP)- July Fourth fireworks fill the skies with more than sparkling bursts of color. A study says they spew pollution, too. Researchers who checked 315 locations around the country found that the explosions temporarily boosted the levels of airborne microscopic particles. The levels were more than twice normal at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on July 4. They tapered off overnight and fell back to normal by noon on July 5. Other studies show inhaling such particles can cause a health risk. The new study didn't look for health effects. But the Environmental Protection Agency says children, older adults, and people with heart disease, asthma or other lung diseases are considered to be particularly sensitive to particle pollution. The agency recommends that they watch fireworks from upwind.
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