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Is Your Husband Gay?

Original photo by kkendallToday I was skimming through my various web resources looking for interesting news and came across an article by ChristWire[d0t]org. By the way,  the tag line for ChristWire[d0t]org  is “Conservative Values for an Unsaved World.” Gulp. The title of the article is “Is My Husband GAY?” and lists what ChristWire[d0t]org considers to be the definitive, 15 tell-tale signs that your player is swinging his bat for the other team. I should point out I’m not gay and I’m not married nor have anything against either demographic. I just found the headline hilarious and was assuming I’d find the content to be similar to comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s bit, “You Might Be a Redneck if…” But I must say I was relieved to know that wearing a paper bag on your head didn’t make their Is-My-Husband-GAY list. I’m not sure if the good folks at ChristWire[d0t]org are serious about the findings of their gay-lifestyle research listed in “Is My Husband GAY?” but I’ll let you be the judge.  I must warn you that if cell phones, alcohol or gym memberships are part of your marriage, you could be in trouble. In any event, may you have a long and happy marriage.

08/20/2010 8:11AM
Is Your Husband Gay?
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08/20/2010 7:37PM
Tyson Bowers iii
Your music is sin! You will all burn in hell!!
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