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It's an Emotional Day...

April 16th used to be a 'Happy Day' for me.  It's the day the first guy I LOVED and still do was born... April 16, 1940.  Today, my Daddy Maurice would have been 74. I have a lot of Great memories of past birthdays he celebrated w/ my Mom Betty & I. When my mom passed away in 2002, I became even closer to my Daddy. It was rough seeing such a strong man, who I LOVED deeply, be torn down by multiple strokes, and not able to come back from them.  It was just last November (2013) my Daddy passed, so the broken heart wounds are still pretty fresh on my end. 

Today, when I woke up this morning, I thought I need to call Daddy and wish  him a Happy Birthday. Of course realizing I can't do it that way now.  It's weird having both parents gone, and not physically part of your life.  It's weird not being able to pick up the phone to say hey... or let them know what's up w/ life...  Those who are in this same situation know what I'm talking about. It's just more fresh for me right now. If you are lucky enough to have both or even one parent in your life, cherish the moments you do have.  I was lucky when Maurice & Betty adopted me at 3 weeks old. It's not who physically created and had you, but who raises and Loves you that make a MOM & DADDY. They always said I  Love you and that I was wanted, which I always felt that way. Sometimes too much.. smothered w/ Love/ attention and focus I didn't always want.  Now they aren't here, and I miss it.  It goes w/ that saying 'You Don't Know What You Got Until It's Gone'.. (also a Cinderella Song.. shout out to Big Hair '80s Rock).

Anyway, that's why today is 'Emotional' for me.  Happy Birthday Daddy! I hope you are enjoying a 'Happy You Day' w/ Mom!  Thank you for helping me be the woman I am. Most of the time that's a good thing. YOU ROCK DADDY!

Hey.. you didn't think I would leave this without a 'You Rock'.. I can't do that! wink

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04/16/2014 12:55PM
ceEmotional Day today...
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