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Heather's Thingies Blog

This was released ...

Chipotle Released Its Guacamole Recipe! Grab it here!

I"ve gotten mixed reviews from Mix Facebook Friends on the power of the Chipotle Guac!
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Why $1,000?

Click the photo...
Happy May Day!

Listen @ 7a, 11a, 2p & 5p! Congrats to Kyra Barre & Chrisha Griffin! www.mix947.com/cash
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This made me smile...

I got this in my email  a bit ago ... 'Jon Snow' by electro-pop/rock trio Plaid Brixx. This is what happens when Plaid Brixx gets  inspired by 'Game of Thrones' and 'Taylor Swift'.  Thanks for making me laugh.. y'all Rock!  Check it out... Click here to check out some more 'PB Ear Candy'... 

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How you can help...

My heart aches when I see updates coming out of Nepal. The earthquake devasted the people in and around that area, and with over 100 very strong aftershocks. More injury/insult added to injuries is happening. Thousands are dead, while thousands of others are injured, sleeping in the streets in fear whatever buildings are standing may fall down during an aftershock.  Basic food, water and general living supplies are depleting quickly. There aren't enough emergency responders and health care givers to take care of the overwhelming amount of injured/sick people.  The world is working together to help.  Here are a few ways you can help.

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Happy Earth Month!


Since April is Earth Month, it's a good time to try out a '1 Thing' and make it part of your living routine. Here are some '1 Things' from the Entercom ATX crew!  What is your 1 Thing?


Here's my very first '1 Thing', which I still do after several years... added turning off water while brushing my teeth, recycling and  re-using things... just a few little things can make a BIG 1 THING DIFFERENCE!  
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Where's JJ?

Traffic was FUN this morning.. NOT! Janet Jackson got me through this morning. This thought did pop in my head.. 'What has JJ been up too?".  When I got to the station, it was funny to see a 'Mock Missing Person's Report that has been going around twitter to get JJ to surface. The word is she tweeted.. "LOL... Too Funny, too sweet."  I'd like to hear some new ear candy from JJ. Wouldn't you? 

#TBT here's one of JJ's tunes that got me through the rough drive in on Mopac & 360 this morning... Thank You JJ! 

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Happy 45th!

Happy 45th (Mama) Earth Day! What's your '1 Thing' to celebrate? 

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I really need to see the movie...

Okay.. I'm one of the few women I know that has not seen the movie 50 Shades of Grey, as well as reading the book. I keep thinking I really need to read the book, but I haven't attempted yet. I'll catch the movie when Netflix grabs it at this point.  I do think the soundtrack is Awesome! I'm really loving this song. I caught ''The Weekend' for the first time on the Jimmy Kimmel Show via TV when it was here in ATX during SXSW Fest! You can hear 'Earned It by The Weekend'  on Mix 94.7! Here's the video.. I love the GROOVE TO IT!

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Happy 4/ 20 Day!

I just realized my parents got married on a  4/20 Day in 1963. It's got all kinds of celebration qualities to it. I personally pay more attention to my parents wedding anniversary. Today would have been their 52nd wedding anniversary. In dog years, that's 364 years. cheeky  They were married 40 years, before my Mama Betty passed away, and my Daddy Maurice passed about 1 1/2 years ago. So when this popped in my head this morning, it made me smile and tear up at the same time.

 What makes a couple stay together for so long?  When I asked them on their 40th, my Daddy Maurice smiled and said that my Mama Betty is always right, and that seemed to work. She smiled and said, " It's LOVE'...We get in arguments/fights. We've gone through many Bad Times, but the Good Times Out Shine those... " The main part of their relationship is THEY TRULY LOVED EACH OTHER, AND THEY LIKE HANGING OUT WITH EACH OTHER AND DOING THINGS TOGETHER.  It's what worked for them.

I like to think that they are together today celebrating their 52nd.  My Mama Betty driving my Daddy nuts. My Daddy Maurice trying to keep his patience, but when it comes down to it..


Here's one of their wedding songs. My Mama Betty LOVED Elvis and watched his movies and listened to his music all the time. Blue Hawaii was one of her favorite movies, so it was no surprise this song made it in their wedding. Okay, I'm getting teary eyed, so I'll let Elvis take it away.
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Starts on Monday!!!

Don't forget these important times starting Monday...

Click here for the 411 & get text alerts 15 minutes each time of play!
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