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Katy Come Back

OK. So Katy Perry just got back together with ex-boyfriend Travis McCoy (frontman for Gym Class Heroes). Crap! Just when I was fixin' to make my move. Katy also just released her “Waking Up in Vegas” video which just happens to be the exact dream I had of her and I hookin' up in Sin City. And now she's back with the real McCoy? It's just not fair because I know she based her song “Ur So Gay” on McCoy. The full “Waking Up in Vegas” video has not been released as of this writing but you can maybe catch the whole video at Perez Hilton's site - click here. I can't bare to watch it because it just reminds me of what could have been. I'll give it a week or two and when they split up, I'll be waiting with a bouquet of daisy's (her favorite) and a brand new paper bag.

04/28/2009 10:20PM
Katy Come Back
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05/28/2009 7:45PM
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