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Showing in ATX!

"National Parks Adventures" celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. National Parks Service is opening in ATX February 21st at the Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAX 3D ! The cinematography is AMAZING & on the IMAX 3D... IT WILL BE INCREDIBLE!


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Ear Candy for the Heart...

One of my new Mix Ear Candy favs is 'Die A Happy Man' remade by Nelly. I think of my honey Ted when I hear it. I'm so blessed to have him in my life. Each morning he walks me to my car , tells me how beautiful I look, kisses my cheek and watches me leave for work. A bit ago there was a neighbor who saw our morning routine, and when she ran into Ted she said she wished her man did that. This morning I thought of this when I heard the song. It reminded me of many times my honey Ted said very similar things to me. We've gone through so much from hurricanes to floods, to radio tours, to deaths in the family... many things that some couples don't seem to survive, but my honey Ted and I have. I hope that continues. I'm not sure why I'm so sentimental today. Valentine's day isn't until Sunday. But I do know, when I hear this song I think of all the bad and TONS OF GOOD TIMES.. I have had w/ my honey Ted. I hope I'm lucky enough to have TONS more good times w/ my honey Ted. But like the song says... Die a Happy (wo) man.....

Here's the Mix Ear Candy version by Nelly....

Nelly's is a remake originally done by Thomas Rhett. Who has a country hit w/ it right now.
It's nice too...
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#ThankYouATX for the Cards!

#ThankYouATX for your Big Love for kiddos in the ATX area for Valentine's Day! The Mix Morning Show will drop your homemade cards off to lots of deserving children and their families who can use some Big Time Extra LOVE! Y'all Rock! You have until 5pm today ( Mon 2/8/16) to get the cards dropped off. We can get them together for the stops for the kiddos starting on Thursday w/ Booker, Alex & Sara! (Of course we won't turn away VDay cards dropped off after 5 today, but getting them here by 5pm helps us a lot.) Big Hugs to all who made cards to help spread BIG LOVE IN ATX!

Heads up:
Update 2/8/16 3:34 pm:

Special Thanks to our friends at Calvin's Fine Jewelry, who also have a last chance to drop off cards. Look out for the Mix Crew.
3818 Far West Blvd #102 , ATX 78731
Tuesday, February 9 from 5 pm - 6 pm
512-794-1911 Directions

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For you...

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Green Beauty Find!

Here's a Cool Green Beauty 1 Thing idea. Click the photo!
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I had the pleasure of catching THE MRS doing a private lunch time performance for Mix's sister station Majic. These beautiful ladies ROCK! @themrsband . There's a lot of energy, fun and enjoyment they throw out to their audience. You can't help but tap your foot, move around and smile. Before you know it, your feet are dancing while you're at work. Okay, that's what happened w/ me. THE MRS ...Beautiful talented ladies, who have infectious spirits & beats that rub off on you... !

Left to Right: Jennifer, Jenny, Me (Heather), Andra, Mandy & Larissa- THE MRS

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Jess Glynne did a private performance in the Mix Music Lounge for some Friends w/ Benefits which is another reason to be one if you aren't yet. Jess's show is SOLD OUT at the Parish tonight. Having an upclose & personal mini show from Jess during lunch (which included lunch too) is something not everyone can say they did today.. OR EVER! She's really cool and #GIRLCANSING . My new favorite Mix Ear Candy is Hold My Hand. I can't help but smile when I hear that song. Makes me think of my honey Ted. She also did a new single in the lounge today. Check them out & get her debut album 'I Cry When I Laugh' in your ear candy collection. It will make your ears happy!

#GirlCanSing so well looks like Jess mesmerized me by her Powerful Vocals!

Hold My Hand Don't Be So Hard On Yourself:
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Preserving & Enhancing Beauty...

I ran across this line at Ulta over the weekend. I posted the mascara to see what the verdict for it was. From the responses on the post, the mascara isn't a big favorite, but their facial powders got a big thumbs up. I looked up a bit about the Physicians Formula Organic Wear line. They say this line is 100% Natural Origin Makeup & 70% Organic….. More 411 here. Find your 1 Thing
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Does this happen in your home?

I discovered I had a 'Cookie Monster' in my home and he goes by honey Ted! 

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What's your FAVORITE?

I love this quote: "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Berthold Auerbach

What's your FAVORITE JAM right onw? It's a tie for me...
Jess Glynne- Hold My Hand


Disturbed - Light

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