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This is what you get when...

you mesh the hairstyles of Princess Leia and Pippy Longstocking...
Happy #TBT!

This little one has the Princess Leia look nailed. Don't you think? Click here!

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Colbie is so COOL!!!

I've had the pleasure of talking w/ Colbie a few times when she's done some performances in the MIX Music Lounge. She is so laid back, easy going and just a cool chick. This video to her new single 'TRY' really shows that side of her. It's pretty Empowering. Check it out! What do you think?

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'OUT IS IN'...

It is for the month of July in ATX. Here's some 411 to share w/ your family & friends! Where is your favorite 'OUT' place in ATX?

July is Parks Month!
On July 1st, Mayor Lee Leffingwell proclaimed July as Parks Month, in support of the Austin Parks and Recreation Department and the National Recreation and Park Association's nationwide initiative to promote healthy communities through recreation and leisure. This year's theme is 'Out is In.'
The Austin Parks and Recreation Department encourages you to get outside, change your outlook, and get involved in your community through parks and recreation! Experience the great facilities, services, programs, trails and parks available to our citizens.
Get out and enjoy the great amenities and activities Austin has to offer:
  • Enjoy a musical at the Zilker Hillside Theater
  • Play disk golf at one of the City's premier disc golf courses
  • Go mountain biking on the Barton Creek Greenbelt
  • Bring your floats to Deep Eddy Pool for movie night
  • Visit a City museum
  • Have a family picnic at Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metropolitan Park
  • Cool-off at a splash pad
  • Enjoy music at Blues on the Green in Zilker Park
  • Enjoy a round of golf at the Morris Williams Golf Course
  • Watch the Living Springs Full Moon Film Series at Barton Springs
  • Go skateboarding at Mabel Davis Skate Park or at the BMX Skate Park
  • Take a stroll on the boardwalk at Lady Bird Lake
  • Get in touch with nature at the Austin Nature and Science Center
  • Join the Zumba revolution at the "Zilker Zumbathon Zelebration"
  • Paddleboard or kayak on Lady Bird Lake
  • Explore a new park
Click here for more 411!
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Can you do this?

I got back over the weekend from Omaha, NE. My honey Ted & I drive there. Yes, we are in the same vehicle together for at least 13 hours straight (if no major traffic issues, then it's longer) one way. I run across many that say they couldn't be in a vehicle w/their sweetie/family for that long. We have done this many times, and so far so good when it comes to getting along. Of course, I won't say you don't get tired of being in the car, a bit grouchy w/ each other, but overall, it's a great experience.

Here are a few things you can do while in the car w/ your sweetie.

1.) Facebook/Twitter- Social Media is awesome when it comes to passing the time in a long car ride
2.) Digital books/books.. reading passes the time.
3.) Taking a nap, but not too long. I've felt that having the passenger role during a trip, I need to try to stay awake, so the driver stays awake.
4.) Take several pitstops to get gas, walk around and stretch.
5.) Listen to tunes!
6.) Snacks are a must

The most important part of this is you 'LIKE' each other besides just 'Loving' each other. This does help. We don't have kids, so if that was added in the mix, then flying or other ways to get places quicker, might be an option.

If you haven't tried a road trip w/ your sweetie,and thinking about taking that new adventure on... Start w/ a couple of hours in the car together, and grow from there. Happy travels this summer!

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13 is coming...

I thought this would be a cool Throwback  for today, and it also gets me ready for the 13th Wedding Anniversary to my honey Ted. Officially it's Monday (6/30). We will celebrate 13 years being married, but we were together for 9 years before that.  22 years.. WOW! We of course were around 10 when we got together.. LOL!  What I value about having all these years together w/ Ted and hopefully many more is that besides being my hubby &  Loverboy,  Ted is my BEST FRIEND!  We have gone through a lot together, and I'm thankful to have him in my life. Last November my Daddy Maurice passed away, my Mom had passed about 12 years ago, and since I'm the only child, I could easily feel alone since my immediate family is with me in spirit.  Ted makes sure I don't feel that way. He's my family, and for that I'm grateful.  
  Happy Anniversary  coming (6/30) to my Hubby Ted, LoverBoy & Best Friend! LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE...  This was also our 1st dance song.  This song was played first, so I guess technically this was our 1st dance song.. Great for today too! #TBT,...

Take each day you have as a blessing to be w/ the ones you LOVE. 
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Happy Wet Wednesday...

I started my workday wet. Mama Nature certainly gave the South ATX area a BIG DRINK! While I'm trying to dry off in the COLD AC, which I'm thankful for most of the time, but right now.. BBBBRRRR..  While I'm warming up a bit, this song popped in my head.  Have a great Wednesday.  Be  prepared for weird popup downpours/showers throughout the day. Be sure to wear clothing that will dry quick, that's a helpful suggestion.

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My new favorite song...

The more I hear this OneRepublic tune the even more I  LIKE IT!  They're at ATX 360 Amphitheater on August 23rd. 411 on  the MIX concert page.  I'mbetting this song will ROCK live! 

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Are you a 'Mosquito Magnet'?

So I got my 1st Summer Skeeter bites, in my home, over the weekend. I'm for sure a 'Mosquito Magnet'. A story came out that points out some things that may cause the 'Magnetic Connection'. Click here for the entire list.

Here are a few of the top things that seem to attract the skeeters...

1.) Blood type O received double the amount of bites compared to Type A and Type B was in the middle.

2.) Pregnant/ Daily exercisers.. If you exercise daily, or perhaps you are pregnant, your body temp is higher which seems to attract the skeeters

3.) 12 oz of Beer in your system can cause the attraction. Apparantly Skeeters like BEER!
4.) 85% genetics. Your genes seem to egg on the skeeters
5.) Colors that make you stand out can cause more skeeters to rush to you.

Stay strong my 'Mosquito Magnets Sisters & Brothers, it looks like we are going to have an itchy summer a head. Benedryl Spray works pretty well for the itches! Keep an ear out for 'West Nile' reports too.
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Count your blessings...

Happy Friday!  I was checking my Facebook page and I noticed my friend Patti in Omaha, NE did something so Wonderful.  I wanted to share.  She lives in the city I grew up in, Omaha, NE.  You probably heard about all the tornados that have been popping up in Nebraska.  On her day off, she went to Pilger, NE to help the folks who got pounded by the Twin Tornadoes earlier in the week.  The whole town is pretty much wiped out.  My friend Patti is so amazing helping out strangers because they need it.  I'm honored to be her friend, and so proud of the many things she does to help others.  
Click here to check out some of the photos she took while she was there. Be sure to count your blessings for your family and friends you have in your lives! Give them EXTRA HUGS!


I've experienced Patti's BIG HEART 1st hand when my Daddy passed away last November. She dropped by the hospital/hospice just about everyday, to the day he passed, to be there for support. She is truly a remarkable woman! I'm honored to know her and have her friendship!  PATTI ROCKS!
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Okay Go has a new album coming out October 14th 'Hungry Ghosts'. 1st single 'Here's The Writing On The Wall'. Of course in Okay Go style they have another cool creative video.  Songs is pretty cool too! What do you think?

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