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Lost Songs of the '80s

The '80s were the best decade ever for one hit wonders. Could've been because videos became so popular due to MTV. Radio stations were pushed to play more divergent music since there was now another source to whet our musical appetites. Many of the songs below you may have never heard, but we think you'll like 'em. They'll be great additions to your ipod, weaving in and out of the songs you know and love. Like we say in the radio business---ANYBODY can play the hits...it's the songs you put BETWEEN the hits that matter the most! Just click on each song if you'd like to download them. Right Next Door Robert Cray "I'm listening through these thin walls in silent shame...as he called out my name, I was right next door." Reap the Wild Wind Ultravox This album was produced by the 5th Beatle George Martin. It's '80s Euorpop at it's best Jokerman Bob Dylan Did you know that Bob Dylan was the original white rapper? Vanilla Ice and Eminem should watch and pay homage. Stand or Fall The Fixx One of the better songs to come out of the tension Europeans were feeling in the '80s about a nuclear holocaust. Slit Skirts Pete Townshend Pete singing about a girl named Jeannie who just ain't into current fashion trends. Prime Time The Tubes Fee Waybill and the Tubes before their hit "She's a Beauty" came out with this danceable gem Original Sin Inxs Produced by Bernard Edwards from Chic and I love the heavy bass line he put in the song. Eminence Front The Who This video was shot at a sound check during what was supposed to be The Who's farewell tour back in the mid '80s. The song has a great catchy guitar riff. How Can I Refuse You Heart A lesser-known song by Heart but one of their better rockers. More Than This Roxy Music This song had somewhat of a rebirth when Bill Murray performed it Karoake style in the movie Lost In Translation. The always stylish Bryan Ferry tells the story. I'm Shakin' The Blasters A real head bobber. It's Been A Good Year for the Roses Elvis Costello Elvis' take on a George Jones classic. You will feel it too. Handle With Care Traveling Wilburys The traveling Wilburys were George Harrison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne from ELO, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison. A terrific album and this song lasts and lasts. I Don't Like Mondays Boomtown Rats A true story about a girl who went on a shooting rampage, and when they asked her why, she said..."I Don't Like Mondays." Motortown The Kane Gang Remember when cars were made in Detriot? Welcome to the Boomtown David and David It's all about '80s excess powered by David's (or was it David?) deep voice. The Walls Came Down The Call A highly charged political rant that lives as one of the greatest diatribes EVER. Best line: "I don't think there are any Russians, and there ain't no Yanks. Just corporate criminals, playing with tanks." They won't allow this video to be embedded, and I want you to be sure to see it, so here's the link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kX8lqXAONg&feature=related Mary's Prayer Danny Wilson Great song about lost love. The bands' name was a character Frank Sinatra played in the movie "Meet Danny Wilson." Fortress Around Your Heart Sting Sting at his best---blaming someone else for a failed relationship. That's why we love his songs. The video is great---it appears his ex has asked him as part of some break up "deal" to record a video for her. His hateful stares into the camera make you think he's mad at YOU. American Dream Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young As relevant today as it was back when Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker were getting caught with their pants down. I always crack up at how they harmonized on the get some help FROM ABOVE" line. He Can't Love You Michael Stanley Band He can't love you like I love you, so come on let the provin' begin! The Salt In My Tears Martin Briley She broke up with him, and he's decided "you ain't worth the salt in my tears." Sounds like he's going through the anger stage. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime Korgis The '80s kicked off on a crazy note musically...disco was dying, Urban Cowboy was making country cool, punk, new wave, pop, rock...1980 was a transition year for music. This song fit in comfortably on the radio between all the diverging styles. Fine, Fine Day Tony Carey You know how when you read a book and then you see the movie and they may or may not match up in your mind? The '80s were that way with songs and video. This lost morsel was satisfying on both ends. Late in the Evening Paul Simon A cool latin vibe, some great (as usual) lyrics from Paul. Black Coffee In Bed Squeeze Squeeze was one of the plethora of hip brit bands storming through in the early-mid '80s. "Tempted" was a favorite along with this one. Brilliant Disguise Bruce Springsteen We didn't know it at the time, but Bruce was looking into the camera trying to communicate with his then-wife, actress Julianne Phillips. Look at hiim at the end...can you feel the hurt? "God have mercy on a man, who doubts what he's sufe of." My Ever Changing Moods Style Council As was the case with most of these lost treasures, this song received sporadic airplay but always got cranked up when it came on. I Need You Paul Carrack Paul Carrack has one of the most underrated voices in popular music. He sang lead on "Tempted" by Squeeze, "Silent Running" by Mike and the Mechanics, and "How Long" by Ace. On this solo project...it's simple. Containing a great bass track and clever funky rhymes, it'll stick in your head. He REALLY needs her. What are your "Lost Songs of the '80s?

04/19/2010 1:08PM
Lost Songs of the '80s
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04/27/2010 3:21AM
Teresa Williams
I am trying to find a song from the early 80s that has disappeared. I thought the name was "We're Automatic" but nothing shows up on websearches for it. Part of the lyrics I remember was "left foot right foot now we're in motion...we're automatic" Anyone out there remember this one?
04/27/2010 5:29AM
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