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Lousy Tippers called out..

A story about a bartender who got stiffed a tip, but had a note written on the receipt that she could  lose a few pounds is the rumbles today. This is clearly not right. It's mean and hurtful. Unfortunately there are just some unhappy people in this world, who just want to bring others down. With the holidays coming, it's always good to brush up on what is considered a good tip for good service.   There's a website www.lousytippers.com that has all the 411.   This site suggests that you tip 20% or more for Good/Great service... 15% for average.. if it isn't that great, well not a big tip and a note why you didn't spread the money love to them.  Only problem I have with the last one, should someone who gave you really crappy service get a tip at all?   That is  the drama you can  have when presented the check.
Here's a a recommended tipping chart:   I have found the bathroom attendant to be the most awkward. You may not have cash on you, but you need to use the restroom.  Do you avoid going to the bathroom? Or stiff the attendant, who could make your next trip miserable? HHHMMM.. What do you think?

10/13/2011 6:24AM
Lousy Tippers called out..
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