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Missing Sparky

sparky2.jpgWell, South by Southwest 2009 has come and gone and so has my liver.  No, really.  Has anyone seen my liver?  He answers to the name of “Sparky.” SXSW is always a blast and this year was no exception.  But with all the music and parties comes lots of alcohol and my liver never seems to hold up more than 9 days of non-stop tequila and beer consumption. I woke up on my kitchen floor the other morning in front of my refrigerator with its door wide open and the only thing left inside was a jar of pickles.  I felt a pain in my side and it’s then I realized Sparky had run away, again.  He does this every year but returns weeks later.  This year may be different as the little guy left a note stating he may not return.  I’m worried he really must be upset this time because he left his favorite blankie behind and he never goes anywhere without his favorite blankie. Maybe he didn’t run away this time.  OMG!  Maybe I’ve fallen victim to one of those organ harvesting stories we all read about.  Maybe Sparky has been stolen and is in an ice chest somewhere – scared,  cold and missing his blankie. I sketched a picture of Sparky so if you see him please tell him to come home or respond to this post with details of his whereabouts.  No questions asked.

03/23/2009 9:48AM
Missing Sparky
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06/02/2009 3:39AM
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