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Nights with Ashley Z
Mix 94.7 - The Bachelor

WK 1 review from 9-year-old Raleigh

WK 2 review from 9-year-old Raleigh & 30-year-old Sara

WK3 Bachelor Breakdown in 2 minutes w/ Sara

WK4 Bachelor Breakdown w/ Sara- Theme 'Crazy'
Brad chats with Jay Leno 1/27/11.
He talks about his run in with the law and his
name change!

WK5 Sara's Bachelor Breakdown & Alex's Bachelorette prediction
Watch out for

WK6 Sara's Bachelor Breakdown w/ help from Listener J!
Bugs and Pyschos reigned!

WK7 Sara's Bachelor Breakdown!
Big Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
shoot &  Ding Dong Michelle is gone!!

WK8 Sara's Bachelor Breakdown!
Hometown dates bring it down to 3 ladies. Missed the 'Rose Ceremony'?
 Click here!

WK9 JB & Sandy's EXCLUSIVE LIVE CHAT w/ Brad the Bachelor 3/1/11.
2 Ladies left! Who does Brad see forever with? What's up with the Safari hat! Answers to
your Facebook questions. Brad spills it with JB &Sandy!!

WK10- Sara's Bachelor Breakdown 3/8/11
Women tell all night gets HEATED!!  What's up with Michelle?
Who's your Favorite to WIN the 'Happily Ever After' with Brad?


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Emily - Age 24
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Chantal - Age 28

Emily - Age 24

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