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Move over Westlake High School...

because a high school in Allen (a suburb north Dallas) will soon have a $59.6 million stadium.

04/15/2010 3:14AM
Move over Westlake High School...
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04/15/2010 3:47AM
I think it is great! I mean who really needs a good education and which teachers need a raise they make to much anyways! I think it is silly to build something like that for a highschool. While education has always been a issue in Texas some yuppy town with lots of money disposes of the funds to make sure the football team has a pretty turf to play on. It is only High School. But I am sure many hillbillies around texas would say other wise because they have a son that is 250lbs, 6ft6in and runs a 4.4 but cant read or add 2+2
04/15/2010 8:21AM
Sam quit hating on TEXAS - if you don't like what our state does then either go somewhere else or if you aren't from around here then don't worry about what we do. Curiousity did kill the cat so keep your nose out of our state's business. :p
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