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Think this will make a difference for 2016?

This is a headline that caught my attention and the rest of my attention was taken by the story and poll. Candidates who are planning on running in 2016 might want to have a look at this too. It might give them some insight on how Americans overall are feeling about the environment they are living in, and what type of candidates are being looked at by the public when it comes to environmental issues.

Will the subject of Climate Change help determine who you vote for??? Something to think about...
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WTFudge was I thinking?....

Happy #TBT!  Here's a photo I ran across. I like to montage photos so that's the reason you might see other body parts in the background of this photo. Have you checked out some older photos of yourself, especially if you grew up in the '80s and thought.. 'WTF' how did I get my hair to do that.. look at my makeup.  Seems like you try to look older when you are young growing up.  When you get older, it's the other way around. 

    I'm thankful I never got to close to an open flame and have my hair catch fire. I won't say I never cinged it. ;)    If you have kiddos who are doing what you think are weird things to their hair, makeup or whatever. Instead of fighting about it, just think there will be photos that will pop up later where they will say.. .WTFrick was I thinking?  It's a never ending cycle that makes for great 'Get a good laugh' photo later. :)
Happy #TBT
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What's up with Janet?

This morning I had this 'Ear Candy' in my head.... Ms. Jackson Rock'n it out!


What's up w/ with Janet? She's been devoting her time to charitable causes and married life with billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana.  The word is Janet will be doing a mini-vegas stay at the Venetian which is the same place Diana Ross, Lionel Richie and Ricky Martin are expected to perform during 2015.  Click here for more!  Maybe this will motivate her to work on some new Janet Ear Candy. It's been 7 years. We're about due don't you think?
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It's Happening this Saturday in ATX!!!

I got the heads up from Courtney about the Austin Humane Society's 8th Annual Puppybowl! Here's the 411. Make plans to check out all this cuteness. Puppies can make a weekend even happier. It's also Huey approved...

AHS Puppy Bowl 2015
“New England Pawtriots” take on “Seattle Seadogs” in eighth annual event
The teams are set for the Austin Humane Society’s eighth annual Puppy Bowl, a family event involving adorable, adoptable puppies in uniform and free activities for children. This year the “New England Pawtriots” will take on the “Seattle Seadogs” in the shelter auditorium.
The event serves to raise awareness of shelter adoptions.

WHAT:      AHS Puppy Bowl 2015
WHERE:   Austin Humane Society Auditorium  124 West Anderson Lane,  Austin, TX 78752

WHEN:     Saturday, January 31st    Noon to 1 p.m.

DETAILS:   The “New England Pawtriots” will suit up against the “Seattle Seadogs.” Dog “rufferees” will be in attendance. No rules, no pads, no leashes!

FEES:  $20 for dogs over 40lbs. Puppy and dog prices vary.

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Don't forget the Glitter!

It kicks off Monday.... 
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Feeling nostalgic...

Okay.. here's a less sappy one. Remember these Lovely Rocker Ladies from the '80s'. This song just popped in my head this morning out of nowhere.  Richard Marx & Fee Waybill ( The Tubes) wrote the song. Thought  I would share my  #TBT earwrom w/ you... ENJOY!
My favorite, Jan the guitarist, who is still Rock'n it!
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It finally happened..

I have been looking for a new vehicle for awhile. I had inherited 2 of my parents old cars.  I also had 2 old one's between myself and my Honey Ted.. 4 older vehicles that need work and it seemed to be happening at the same time gets expensive & stressful.  The last straw was having to pay for a new transmission when I was in Omaha, NE visiting my honey Ted's family during the holidays.
Another reason it was hard to get rid of my vehicles is because our Mini and Durango had a lot of memories to them.  Strange that Ted & I get attached to cars/trucks, but it happens.  The Durango was the vehicle we evacuated in when we lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  We lived in that truck for 3 days. The Mini was our very first purchase after we were getting setttled in Memphis at the time after Katrina. We lost everything, so it was a big deal for us.
   Good and not so good memories came w/ the vehicles, but it was time.  So this is what we decided on after a long search.  It is not easy finding an AWD vehicle in a smaller SUV in this area.  Then finding one you like how it drives and one you can see yourself in.  It's not a small purchase, so you have to make sure you 'LIKE' it. :) We are ready for new adventures in our new ride. I'm hoping there are many more good ones for us rather than not so good. :)


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This is driving us (Honey Ted & I) crazy....

How do you overcome the pitfalls of new car shopping/buying?
Pitfalls such as:
-Dealership not caring about key things you want/need in a vehicle. If they don't have it, try talking you into something else. ...

-Not wanting to help find what would work for you in a price range anywhere close to what you can afford

-No new inventory until mid year, which isn't their fault, but still frustrating frown

-Talk to you or your honey, not both at the same time since you are both there

-Getting a sales person who knows nothing about their inventory or the vehicles on the lot. (ran across this ALOT)

- Getting snubbed and/or ignored when you have questions about their vehicles/inventory. Get talked too like you can't afford their vehicles.

Okay, these are some things we have run into trying to find a new affordable crossover/small suv type vehicle in 4 wheel or all wheel drive. The 4/all wheel drive is a big issue, which surprised me in Texas. Trucks.. 4x4 no problem.. most SUVs especially small ones, not common here...

We will hold out until we find something that works for us, but the search hasn't been the most enjoyable.

So, again... did you run across any of these pitfalls or others the last time you bought a vehicle? How did you deal with it?

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Did your favorites get nominated?

Oscar nominees were announced this morning.  Oscar day is  Sunday, February 22nd on ABC starting at 6pm CT.  
This will get you to a printable list and ballot to pick your winners:
Copy & Paste:

Here are my picks:
Best Movie: Selma or Boyhood
Best Director: Richard Linklater/Boyhood
Best Actress:Julianne Moore/ Still Alice
Best Actor: Michael Keeton/ Birdman 
Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette/ Boyhood
Best Supporting Actor: J.K Simmons Whiplash
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Say hey!

I got a new FB page. Be sure to drop by and say hey! You Rock!

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