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My 2009 Holiday Letter...

2009 definately falls in a three way tie with 1993 & 2000 for the best years of my life.  This is the year I offically became a man.  I kicked of this year being engaged to Andria Aguayo who I had known since high school.  We planned to get married this October back in our hometown El Paso, Texas.  It meant that I had to REALLY buckle down & start actually saving for the wedding.  Soon after by the grace of God my credit cards were paid off & I had some money actually put aside to only realize how quickly you get back in debt when you start paying stuff for the wedding.  I wanted to think it really didn't matter since "you only get married once" so why not splurge.  Once the cards were getting up there again people all around me started to lose their job due to the poor economic times.  There's no feeling worse than wondering everyday " oh my gosh am I next".  As selfish as it sounds I just hoped I made it through to my wedding having a job just to give Andria the wedding she wanted.

Time passed fast & I soon found myself on the Altar on October 30, 2009.  This is when I think I officially became a man cause not only am I taking care of myself but I'm now a provider for my wife.  This is the day that all the advice eveyone has giving me started to make sense including "pick your battles".  This one was huge since I've been used to living alone and doing things "my" way.

The year was dominated with my "I mean our wedding" but there were also some big things that happened in 2009 like:

* I found my first handful of gray hairs

* I mastered the whole "tailgate thing"

* My Father & I finally became "boys" & it all went down at Luby's while in El Paso waiting for my Mom to get out of school.

* UTEP played the Longhorns here in Austin & I actually got to emcee an event for the game that featured UTEP's Coach Mike Price (my star struck moment).  By the way, stuff like this I'm grateful for the job I have.

* I'm renting a pretty sweet apartment that has a bitchin' view.  I know, I know people say "when are you gonna get a house" but you know what, it's the "get fired when you get a house" dj bet so I'll pass on that for the time being.  Hey, while you're at Home Depot trying to figure out what part you need for your broken toilet I'm in bed calling maintanence filling out a work order for them to fix it.

* After all the years of my Grandmother asking "when am I gonna finish school" congrats, I'm going to start taking classes online come the new year since I can't take 6 hour naps anymore.

I've never been happier & it shows in my tight fitting jeans.  I have a great family in El Paso, a great wife in Andria, I live in an awesome city and have a great job.  I wanted to take this time to thank the listener of Mix 94.7 because without you I wouldn't be here and thank you JB & Sandy.  Fellas, you fall in my "people I'd take a bullet for" list.  Thank you for the chance you took on me, you found yourself a hard working Mexican guy that makes stuff happen when you need it.  I'm here til you're sick of me...hopefully I don't get played out like the Chiuaua & you all don't leave me at the animal shelter.

Happy Holidays!

01/14/2010 3:13AM
My 2009 Holiday Letter...
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