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My Fit Foods: Day 1

My Fit Foods Day 1:

So I thought I would begin by letting you know why I am doing the 21 Day Challenge. I read a lot about what I should and should not eat. I shop at Whole Foods and Central Market and I eat a lot of kale. I go through periods of logging my calories into My Fitness Pal. I tell myself…I am not going to drink for a few weeks. I have this wonderful vision of me cooking healthy meals every day. Then the stresses of life and the lack of sleep take over and I find myself trying to find the healthiest option at McDonalds, the vending machine or 7-11 at 5am in the morning. And then surprise…my jeans start getting tight. Worst. Feeling. Ever.
Well guess what after a fun November/December where I just decided to go for it and eat everything...my jeans are tight, I feel sluggish, and I need help. I see the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge as this wonderful way to wipe the slate clean. Start over. Fresh start. Create new healthy habits. I love the “idea” of hard core diets like eating vegan, or paleo, or carb free…but I know me...I can last on those maybe a month. My Fit Foods is nothing but simple, proportioned, fresh meals. They are meals I could make at home, but just don’t always have the time. So I see the Challenge as a little jump start. Let My Fit Foods do the work for me…and for the next 21 days I will give myself a running start to a healthy 2014. And…the best part…I KNOW my jeans will fit by the end of the challenge…and that really is the best feeling ever. 

Day 1 recap: Everything is so new and exciting the first day. It always suprises me how much you can really eat and still lose weight if it is the right food.
Breakfast: Oatmeal Bake (loved it)
Snack: Protein Bar (I actually eat these on the regular...they are made here in Austin)
Lunch: Street Tacos (one of their new menu items...first time trying them...so good. I think they changed up their corn tortillas and I really like it
Snack: Chicken Fruit Bowl (suprised at how many walnuts I got to eat!)
Dinner: Southwest Chicken Salad (Loved how big it was..I could barely finish it was so big)

Truth: The hardest part was going to an event with HBO and ATX TV Festival to watch 'Girls' at Max's Wine Dive. Free wine and fried chicken. I don't know how I got by on water while all my friends ate what was apparently the best fried chicken ever...but I did it. Win! You can't drink on the challenge, but I have wanted to stop drinking for awhile so it was kind of nice to have an excuse not to drink. 


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01/07/2014 6:14PM
My Fit Foods: Day 1
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