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My Fit Foods Day 2

If you want to know why I am doing the challenge...read why here!  

My Fit Foods Day 2:
Ok...so I was all high and mighty and claimed, "I didn't have a caffeine addiction."hahaha. Well the caffeine headaches came today. It kind of freaks me out that 2 days of no caffeine my body is freaking out. Anyways it was nothing a little ibuprofen. Honestly the hardest thing today was not eating from this open stale jar of pub mix that someone left in our office kitchen. Who knows how long it has been there...but I would have been ALL OVER it last week. 

Also...if you are worried about how much food you get to eat. Today when I sat down for my lunch (my 3rd meal of the day at noon.) Alex said, "Jesus how much are you going to eat today." I just laughed and was like...this is how much you get to eat for reals on this thing. It is awesome! 


Food today:
Breakfast - Asiago Sausage - Another new menu item...I love any of their breakfast that have potatos.
Snack - Fit Cottage - I love cottage cheese so I wish there was more, but I will take what I can get!
Lunch - Chicken Parm - o good. Pasta. So good. 
Snack - Fit 2 Go - I was pretty hungry at this point, but this is a huge snack with almond butter, fruit, and an egg
Dinner - Best'o Pasta - I have had this meal before...I never eat pesto in my real life bc I am scared of the fat...so I dig that I get to eat it on this challenge! 

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01/07/2014 6:44PM
My Fit Foods Day 2
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