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My Fit Foods Day 3

Do you feel like sometimes you “deserve” chocolate…or a cupcake…or ice cream. It is amazing how many times I convince myself after a bad or good day/moment…that I deserve a treat. And this is the best part…in my head those calories do not count…bc I deserve them. Hahaha
Today I decided I deserved chocolate 3 separate times. Now I did not give in and eat that chocolate...and guess what I survived! It was really really hard to say no to the candy…as I am a big time emotional eater…but I did it! I am hoping as the challenge continues my cravings for candy fade away. I did have a My Fit Cookie scheduled as a snack…it is like my nutrition coach new that 3 days in…I was going to need an almost chocolate chip cookie. 

Just how bad is my candy craving? I freeze candy in my house so it is less accessible. Turns out I really like frozen candy.

Breakfast: Sunshine Breakfast – this breakfast is HUGE and almost hard to finish. Truth: Tastes great…but kind of stunk up the studio. Sorry boys. :/
Snack: Picnic Time: I got to eat cheese!!!!!!
Lunch: BBQ Chicken: a new menu item. It came with onion crunchy things on the mashed potato’s!!!!
Snack: Fit Cookie: Again…I got to eat a cookie!!!
Dinner: Chili: Not my fav dinner at My Fit Foods…but I’m not complaining. I just think of chili as meat soup and that grosses me out. 

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01/09/2014 7:36PM
My Fit Foods Day 3
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