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My Fit Foods Day 4

Do you know what the best thing about today way? I went in to pick up my next 3 days of food...and it took 5 minutes to walk in and walk out. It has been a long week...I don't think my mind could have processed going into a grocery store and actually picking out food for the week. Honestly bc of the long week I probably would have just given up and had pizza. Thanks My Fit Foods for the mental break.

Pic of 3 days of food in 1 bag. 

Breakfast: Oat Bake: Turning into one of my favorite breakfasts. How can oatmeal almost taste like a muffin?

Snack: Almond Butter Crunch: This is a snack I will make in the future. Apples..celery...almond butter. Easy Breezy

Lunch: Enchiladas: So good and filling. So much better than the weight watchers ones my mom used to by. 

Snack: Oatmega Bar

Dinner: Beef and Broccoli: I really like this dinner bc I really like Broccolini...for some reason it is so much better than broccoli!! 

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01/09/2014 7:48PM
My Fit Foods Day 4
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