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We'll See...
My hair is the WORST  for Flyaways/Frizzies...
I've tried tons of different products... not to much
success. Although Texas Heat/Humidity doesn't help..
Alex, my hairdresser, tried this to see if it works...
Keratin Complex Smooth Therapy... suppose to smooth
the hair out, straighten it, get rid of 95% of the Frizzies/Flyaways
for 3-5 months depending on how often you wash your hair!!

BEFORE Keratin Treatment:


 Right after the Keratin Treatment:


We'll see how it goes. I can't wash my hair for a few days to
let it set in... Not suppose to tie it back, get it wet... 'NOT EASY TO DO'!
Shower cap was my friend this morning...
 The True Test will be after I wash my hair
Saturday Morning to see if  THE FRIZZIES ARE GONE
when I dry & style my hair...ALSO IF THEY DON'T POP
This Weekend I'll put the Texas Heat/Humidity to
THE TEST!!!  :)

UPDATE Monday 8/16/10:
  It was AMAZING to wash my hair after 3 Days..
I washed , dryed & styled my hair without much product, just a
little hairspray.. The outcome... It was straighter, easier to
straight iron, softer & shinier-PLUSES...

Yeah.. still have some Frizzies... but not as many
as I normally have!!! The test running around
ALL Day in the Humidity... Does the Keratin Treatment
hold up to it's 95% less Frizz statement...

*Well, I wouldn't say '95%' less Frizzes, but it did take
care of at least 1/2 as much of the Frizz.. when you compare
This pix w/ the one above before I got the 'KT'...
Of course I wanted more Frizzes gone, but I'll take what
I can get. My Hair doesn't like to play nice!

*I'm interested to find out if YOU have tried this treatment?
 How was it for you? 

08/15/2010 11:00PM
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