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Never Kick a Cow Turd Over Monday Night Football

Hank Williams Jr. visited the gals on "The View" the other day and he had some advice to folks by quoting Harry Truman. "Never kick a cow turd on a hot day." What a smart man... and Harry Truman weren't so dumb neither. Gosh Hank. I wish you would have told me that this past summer in Austin where we set records for consecutive days over a 100 degrees and crazy from heat, I kicked a lot of turds.

Jr. was on "The View" to supposedly tell his side of the story regarding equally brilliant comments he previously made by comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler. While on "The View" Jr. denied comparing Obama to Hitler and instead said it was an "analogy." In fact, and while on the show, he literally looked up the word analogy to further support his position and supposedly to clear up any misunderstanding that he cannot articulate the little Jr. thoughts that are bouncing around in his fat little head. Hey Jr., here's another quote. "Stupid is as stupid does."

So impressed and fascinated by his brilliance, Barbara Walters asked Jr. "What is two plus two?" See Jr.'s answer in the photo above.

10/12/2011 5:43AM
Never kick a cow turd over Monday Night Football
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10/16/2011 11:13AM
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08/11/2012 6:39PM
Cow turd and cow chip is the same
Will Rodgers said never kick a cow chip on a hot day Back in the thirties
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