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Newbies from the weekend..

It was a Hot weekend, but a good one! Thank goodness
for my complex pool.  A must have when temps are
over 90 in May!  Over the weekend, I ran into this at Sams Club...

*Grab it if you don't have it and want to know
what was in Stephanie's heads..more about the characters,
their story and history..  A little something to tied us over
until November 18th!! Breaking Dawn Part 1.. Can't wait!

I was craving 'Lemon Cake' over the weekend, so I made my 1st one.
It actually turned out yummy. My Honey Ted isn't a huge
fruit tasting cake fan, but he admitted it was YUMMY!!

I added to the box recipe to put a bit of flair
to it! It's Easy & Yummy to make! :)

1 Box of Lemon Cake Mix
1 Box of Lemon Pudding
3 large/jumbo eggs
1/3 cup of margarine
(melted- 5 1/3 TBs)
1 cup of Fat  Free Milk
1/3 cup of Italian Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer
1/4 tsp Lemon Extract
(could also use real lemon juice)
1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

1 container of 
(Classic) Vanilla frosting
1 cup of white chocolate chips
(I had to get chocolate in there .. LOL)
1 square of  Bakers White chocolate
1 TB spoon of the Italian Sweet Creamer
1 TB spoon of Fat Free milk
(1/2 cup)

In a large mixing bowl  mix together cake mix, pudding mix, 3 eggs,
1/3 cup of melted margarine
(5 1/3 TBs) ,1 cup of milk & 1/3 cup of the
Italian Sweet Cream with the 1/4 tsp of Lemon Extract in it and
1 tsp of Vanilla. MIX for about 1 minute..then beat for 2 minutes!

I used a bundt pan that has the side come off- I sprayed it w/ Butter flavored Crisco/Pam and then coated the sides with sugar (Ted suggested Lemon Zest mixed with the sugar next time).I also lined the  bottom of the pan with parchament paper
(cut out the circle in the middle to fit the pan).  Put in a pre-heated oven 350! Take about 35-40 minutes to bake. Golden brown on top and clean tooth pick comes out. Shake some more sugar over the top of the cake before it
cools!  Let it cool on a rack if you have one. within 1o minutes
take the
side of the bundt pan off for it to cool completely.


Melt the white chocolate square and 1/2 cup of the white chocolate chips
in the microwave starting with 30 seconds..then a few here and there each time
adding a splash of milk and creamer to make it smooth.  Let it cool a bit
then add it to the Vanilla frosting.  If the frosting seems like it's more melted, put
in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes just to set back up, not get cold.

Once cake it cooled, take out of the pan and on a serving plate or where you are
Keeping it.  Frost and finish up with the rest of the white chocolate chips scattered on top!

It's pretty Easy & Yummy!  Good Cake to go with the Texas Heat. Serve it
 up with a bit of Lite Cool Whip or you favorite cool whip topping!  :)

05/09/2011 9:20AM
Newbies from the weekend..
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