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Rising Star out of Lake Travis...

MeganRae-00001 (1600 x 1600)Hey, I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Mendi.  Mendi is the proud mama of 12 year old Megan Rae.  A name you should get more familiar with. Megan has a pretty powerful, smooth voice, and her songwriting talents are impressive too. I certainly wasn't doing this at 12. You can tell Megan LOVES what she does, and at the age of 12, she knows what she wants.  It's awesome seeing how dedicated her mom is for Megan too. She keeps Megan grounded, yet supports what she loves.  It's nice to see. Click the picture, and check out Megan's single 'Broken Hearted'. Don't forget to give Megan a 'LIKE' on FB. Spread the 'Megan  Word'!

Mendi let me know that  Megan will be recording more songs towards the end of the year, which will include pop, and other genres of music as well. Can't wait to hear more from Megan Rae!

Here's some 411 on Megan and her family :

Megan Rae is 12 yrs. old, has been singing all her life (first stage solo at her pre-school graduation in Burnet, Tx).  She has performed on 6th street with Matt Noveskey (of Blue October) who will be producing her next song.
"Broken Hearted" was recorded/mixed locally by Steve Chadie (sound engineer for Willie Nelson, Hillary Duff, etc) and mastered by Nick Landis of Terra Nova, Austin, Tx with local musicians as her band.
Megan wrote the lyrics and melody while her guitar teacher/performing artist, Ryan Holley arranged the music composition.
Megan Rae attends Lake Travis MS, is an A honors student, competes in club volleyball, and has performed in the advanced "Center Stage" theatre musicals.  She plans to continue and improve upon her singer/songwriter as a longtime career.
As a family, we are fully supportive of Megan Rae and her talents as well as maintain a healthy balance.  We are so excited for her first single release 'Broken Hearted'.  

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11/03/2011 10:02AM
Rising Star out of Lake Travis...
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11/03/2011 5:29PM
Megan Rae
What an AMAZING young singer! Very talented songwriter as well. Great song and I hope to hear it on the radio soon.
11/03/2011 5:59PM
On the radio...
Certainly hope Megan Rae is getting some air time!
11/04/2011 8:42AM
It's not the water
Obviously it's not the water in Lake Travis...we've got some talent out here!
11/04/2011 2:45PM
Catchy ...
... I can't get it out of my head :). Are you playing it on radio, I haven't heard it. Would love to!
11/04/2011 5:50PM
Love this!!!!!
Hope to hear this song on the radio SOON! Awesome to hear someone just before they become a big star. This girl has the talent!
11/06/2011 6:24PM
love this song...
This song is a hit!!! I want to hear it on my drive to work!!
11/07/2011 4:56AM
Love the song, keep them coming
Go Megan
11/08/2011 1:25PM
Keep up the good work, Megan! - nick
06/20/2012 4:24PM
Keep spitting out the music
U go Megan!!!! Can't wait to hear u on the radio!!
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