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Sara Movie Review: Margin Call

A 24 hour look inside an investment firm making deals and selling souls early in the 2008 financial crisis.
Expectations going in:
Kevin Spacy, Demi Moore, Simon Baker, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci, and Paul Bettany all star in a movie I have not seen a single trailer for. With a cast like that I expected a pleasant surprise.
My take: 
This movie is not fireworks and drama, it is a straight forward look into the financial crisis. It almost feels as if you are watching a documentary. This movie is “inspired by a true story,” but I am curious as to how much is based in fact vs. speculation. I enjoyed it very much as I feel like I learned something from it, and it triggered an engaging conversation with my friend about perspectives, money and greed.
Look out for:
·      Pen Badgley - Best known for his role on Gossip Girl as Dan…Pen is lovingly obnoxious in this film as an over paid 20 something.
·      Zachary Quinto’s eyebrows – Seriously he has the most perfect eyebrows ever. He is also a great actor that I enjoyed very much in his time on the tv show Heros.
You will like it if:
1.    You are mad at the financial state we live in
2.    You are a fan of Simon Baker and his face in general
3.    You want to see a thought provoking movie where you might learn something
Would I go with my mom:
Yes. This is a movie my father would love to.
Good date movie?
I say yes…as I went on a date to see this movie. It isn’t romantic or anything, but it might spark an interesting conversation after.
Will I buy it?
No need. Not a movie I need to see over and over and over.  

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11/09/2011 4:03PM
Sara Movie Review: Margin Call
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11/13/2011 10:43PM
Bring on the perfect cast
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