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Sara Movie Review: J. Edgar

J. Edgar’s story behind J. Edgar Hoover
Expectations going in:
I see everything that Leonardo DiCaprio is in.
My take: 
A really long, slow, self indulgent movie from director Clint Eastwood about a fascinating man.
If you are patient with the movie there are some wonderful moments between Leonardo and Armie Hammer (who plays Hoovers right hand man/lover.) I think Armie’s performance as Clyde Tolson is my favorite I have seen all year. He had me crying my eyes out more than a few times.
Length and all, I am happy I saw the movie as I am ashamed to admit I did not know the full scope of J. Edgar Hoover and his impact on our current society.
Look out for:
Armie Hammer – I hope Armie is nominated and wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor this year. Wow! Who knew the guy who played the Winklevoss twins in Social Network was such an amazing actor.
You will like it if:
1.    You are a history buff
2.    You are curious to see Leonardo looking old, ugly, and large
3.    You have 2.5 hours to kill
Would I go with my mom:
This is a good Dad movie. Especially if your Dad is like mine and enjoys reading large books about Presidents, Warren Buffett, and history.
Good date movie?
Oh my goodness no. It is way to long for a date. WAY to long.
Will I buy it?
Maybe if it is on the $5 rack. 

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Sara Movie Review: Margin Call

A 24 hour look inside an investment firm making deals and selling souls early in the 2008 financial crisis.
Expectations going in:
Kevin Spacy, Demi Moore, Simon Baker, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci, and Paul Bettany all star in a movie I have not seen a single trailer for. With a cast like that I expected a pleasant surprise.
My take: 
This movie is not fireworks and drama, it is a straight forward look into the financial crisis. It almost feels as if you are watching a documentary. This movie is “inspired by a true story,” but I am curious as to how much is based in fact vs. speculation. I enjoyed it very much as I feel like I learned something from it, and it triggered an engaging conversation with my friend about perspectives, money and greed.
Look out for:
·      Pen Badgley - Best known for his role on Gossip Girl as Dan…Pen is lovingly obnoxious in this film as an over paid 20 something.
·      Zachary Quinto’s eyebrows – Seriously he has the most perfect eyebrows ever. He is also a great actor that I enjoyed very much in his time on the tv show Heros.
You will like it if:
1.    You are mad at the financial state we live in
2.    You are a fan of Simon Baker and his face in general
3.    You want to see a thought provoking movie where you might learn something
Would I go with my mom:
Yes. This is a movie my father would love to.
Good date movie?
I say yes…as I went on a date to see this movie. It isn’t romantic or anything, but it might spark an interesting conversation after.
Will I buy it?
No need. Not a movie I need to see over and over and over.  

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Sara Movie Review: Tower Heist


Expectations going in:
Not high…not low. I mean this is the kind of movie you know what you are going to get. 
My take: 
Some actors are fun to watch no matter what the movie is about. Really…how can a movie with Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick, and Eddie Murphy be bad? Just seeing those guys makes me smile.
Sure we all have a general idea of how this movie will go, what will happen etc…but sometimes we all just need an easy distraction.
Look out for:
Gabourey Sidibe – she was the Cinderella story of the Oscars a couple years ago as the star of Precious. I loved her showing off her super funny acting skills.
You will like it if:
You want a lighthearted movie that requires absolutely no thinking
Matthew B makes you smile since you first saw him in Ferris B Day off
You are a fan of Eddie M
First choice?
No. If you haven’t seen 50/50 – Moneyball – Ides of March – or Footloose - see those first.
Would I go with my mom:
Yes. My mom and I would both agree it was a cute formulaic movie.
Good date movie?
Yes! You don’t have to concentrate too hard…which lets you focus more on the hand holding. Yes I am a 12 year old. J

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Martha Marcy May Marlene

Elizabeth Olsen stars as a girl trying to find a life after leaving an abusive cult.

Expectations going in:

I had seen the trailer for the movie, but the main draw for me was all of the Oscar buzz I have been hearing about this movie.

My take:

I was mesmerized by this movie. I will say this movie is not for everyone as it is not a crowd pleaser, but this movie is different. It was something I had not seen before, and it left me wanting more. I had so many questions as I walked out. It haunted me.

The movie kind of reminded me of last year’s Winter’s Bone…possibly because actor John Hawkes stars in both? Like Winter’s Bone, it depicted a slice of life about a community I don’t know a lot about.

Some Advice:

See this movie with a friend…you will want to talk about it with someone when it ends. I am DYING for a friend to see it so we can discuss.

Look out for

Elizabeth Olsen – The rising star of the indie world is also the younger sister of the famous Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Sarah Paulson – This actress starred in two of my failed tv shows – Studio 60 and Jack & Jill.

You will like it if:
  1. You want to see a movie that will make you think
  2. You want a look into the life of a cult
  3. You are like me and want to see anything with Oscar buzz!

Would I go with my mom:

Yes. There are definitely some uncomfortable adult scenes, but my mom and I see everything that has Oscar buzz.

Good date movie?

Not a good first date movie.

Will I buy it?

Saw it once…never need to see it again.

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Netflix Streaming Pick: Buck

I am so excited that the documentary Buck is available on Netflix Streaming!

Buck is a movie about horseman Buck Brannaman who is a real life horse whisperer.

Buck won the audience award at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

I could go on and on…but I simply loved this movie when I saw it at The Violet Crown. I loved the scenery, I loved the horses, and I loved the story. Watch the trailer and see for yourself!

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50/50 Movie Review


Adam has a rare form of cancer. A sincere look at how ones deals with a 50/50 death sentance.

Expectations going in:

I have been waiting to see this movie all summer long. I mean…how could a movie with Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon Levitt not be good?

My take:

Everything I hoped for and more.

Very raw…very real…very sad…and yet still very funny.

I did some major self reflection while watching this movie.

Things you should know going in:

The movie was written by Seth Rogan’s real life friend Will Reiser who found out he had the rare form spinal cancer referenced in the movie 6 years ago.

Make sure to bring:

Kleenex. You will cry.

You will like it if:

  1. You are a fan of Seth Rogan and the characters he plays in every movie – the seemingly lazy pot smoking/drinking friend who surprises you in the end.

  2. You like a good “bro”mance movie

  3. You want to do some serious refection on your own life.

Watch out for:

Anna Kendrick who plays the therapist = rising star!

Would I go with my mom:

Yes! My mother was advised by yours truly she must see this movie.

Good date movie?

I would say this movie is a little heavy for a first date.

Will I buy it?

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Movie Review: Moneyball


The story of Billy Beane  - the GM of the Oakland A's and his attempt to change the game of baseball - with a small payroll and math.

Expectations going in:

HUGE expectations. Everyone that has seen it so far has LOVED it.

My take:

It is not a fast movie, it is not a flashy movie, but it is one hell of a story.The movie was definitely slower than I expected, but I enjoyed every second of it. Finally, Brad Pitt is just plain sexy in this film.

Look out for:

This could be the last movie with a larger Jonah Hill. He has DRAMATICALLY changed his look since filming this movie. I personally don't care what he looks like...he is funny no matter what.

Do you have to like baseball?

I  think the movie has more to do with life, going with your gut, and fulfilling your purpose...than just baseball. It doesn't hurt to have some interest in sports, and in the romance of winning and losing.

Would I go with my mom:

This is a movie I could convince my whole family to see! I love finding movies I can see with my dad.

Good date movie?

It the guy likes sports...excellent choice.

Will I buy it?

Most likely
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I Don't Know How She Does It

I Don't Know How She Does it

How does a wife and mother of 2 balance her personal life with her high powered work life? I just don’t know how anyone does it!

Expectations going in:

Haven’t seen a single trailer for this movie. I just knew it was an SJP movie…and I see ALL her movies. I would say low expectations going in...which might have contributed to why I liked it.

My take:

Was it AMAZING/Fav movie of the year? No! Was it cute enough? Yes!

This movie came out of nowhere for me. It was a super cute movie with some really funny lines and moments.  I found it to be very real. It was written by a mom...and you could tell. I mean this movie isn't winning any awards, but it was everything I want out of light-hearted comedy. I definitely think it is worth the price of a movie ticket.

Look out for:

Oh man…I LOVED this cast.

  • Olivia Munn is hilarious and my new favorite actress. Before this movie I really only knew her as the girl who may have been hooking up with Justin Timberlake.

  • Seth Meyers is also great in this movie a really obnoxious snarky work bully.

  • Christine Hendricks is finally dressed in non Mad Men clothes and is adorable!

You will like it if:

  • You are a woman…and even more if you are a mom

  • You are a die hard SJP fan

  • You want a light hearted movie that will make you laugh...2 hours of entertainment.

Would I go with my mom:

Yes – Called her immediately after the movie and told her to see it!

Good date movie?

Oooo – I do not think I would drag my boyfriend to this one. Definitely a girls night movie.

Will I buy it?

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