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3 Things I am into right now

1. Head and the Heart - Went to their show a few weeks back and Stubbs and now I am obsessed.

2. Blue Elephant - Amazing boutique in Central Austin filled with affordable summer clothes.

Click here for the store's blog.

3. ABC Family - I am slightly obsessed with all the shows on ABC Family right now:

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ATX TV Festival

What was the 1st Annual ATX TV Festival? It was a 48 hour festival celebrating tv! The coolest part was the access! The stars just hung out wtih everyone (I didn't have any special access/badge)

Seriously...if you are a tv fan...follow www.twitter.com/atxfestival to see who and what they have coming next! 

Friday Night

On the red carpet - Scott Wolf for his new show Kaijudo:Rise of the Duel Masters. I swear he has not aged since Party of Five!

Scott Porter - Played Jason Street on Friday Night Lights...and currently playing George Tucker in Hart of Dixie.

Judy Greer - The voice of Cheryl in Archer. She also is in basically every movie ever made. 

Life Unexpected stars: Shiri Appleby Britt Robertson - and Arielle Kebbel

Do you ever watch Royal Pains on USA? That is Divya!

Later that night...during the after party we got to watch Mae Whitman from Parenthood sing with her boyfriend Landon Pigg

Then after dancing with fans...fellow Parenthood cast member Jason Ritter joined the fun too!

I also grabbed Michael B Jordan from Friday Night Lights and Parenthood.  
He is so good looking!


First I had to moderate a screening of The League, The new Nick Kroll Comedy Show, Archer, and New Girl
Paul Scheer, Nick Kroll, Judy Greer, and David Wain were in attendance. 
**Fun tidbit - Judy Greer shot a pilot for ABC this year. They had an hour and a half meeting about her hair. ha. 

Then I moderated a screeing of the new TBS Show starting this summer called, Sullivan and Son. The show stars comedian Steve Byrne.
Producing the show is Peter Billingsley. You might remember him as the kid in A Christmas Story. He is also Vince Vaughn's producing partner. They did the movies The Break Up and Iron Man.

Then I headed to the TBS panel featuring Bill Lawrence (creator of Spin City, Scrubs, and Cougar Town) This was a love fest of tv. 

I took pics with Ian Gomez from Cougar Town...remember when he was Javier on Felicity!

Brian Van Holt plays Bobby on Cougar Town



Parenthood screeing and Q&A!!!!!

Dax Shepard, Mae Whitman, and Jason Ritter representing!

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Something Fashionable: Kendra Scott Sky/Skylar earrings

I am obsessed with these new earrings from Kendra Scott. Obsessed.
They finally debuted in stores yesterday....and now the big debate is which color and size to get. (They come in large and small)

Pair these earrings with any outfit....and you will make a statement.

Click here to buy yourself some!

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Something for the dogs: Polka Dot Bakery at Target

So since I got my dog black lab Jet, I am really into making sure he is the cutest dog in the dog park. (I know...so silly)

As a new dog owner I have quickly learned that collars get smelly and dirty quick. That is why I quickly grabbed a waterproof collar from the new Polka Dot Bakery line at Target.

Jet is now totally rocking the 80s lifeguarder look!

The line also has some great packable water/food bowls great for summer adventures! 

Click here for the full line of collars, bowls, treats, and toys! 

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Something Crafty: Renegade Craft Fair

If you are into Pinterest, Etsy, or DIY crafts then take some time to check out the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend at the Palmer Events Center! 

Saturday and Sunday *5/19 - 5/20
11am - 7pm
The event is FREE!!!

This is not your typical "craft/art" fair/bazaar with the guy selling soup in a bag/dips etc. The Renegade Craft Fair supports indie craft makers. Expect a lot of handmade jewelry, crafts, prints, cards, pillows, etc. 

Grab your girlfriends and go shopping! This is truly a place where you can find some special one of a kind stuff. 

Click here for more info.

ast time I went I was specifically looking for prints to hang on my wall...here are some of the venders I especially liked. 


Click here for more!

From Little Things Studio

Click here for more!


From Paper Pastries

Click here for more!

From Leah Duncan

Click here for more!


This booth takes classic childrens books...rips out the story...and makes it a journal! I got a Berenstain Bear journal last year! 



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Something Trendy: Neon Shorts

Favorite trend of the summer = Neon Shorts!
I normally hate wearing shorts (I hate my legs)...but I feel like the in your face neon-ness draws attention away from the legs? 
Also...I just can't say no to neon pink.

J.Crew 4" Chino  - $45 - Also comes in a HOT pink. 

Gap Neon flat-front shorts - $39.95 - (Colors online don't do the shorts justice. The yellow and orange are very neon in person)

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Anything could happen tonight...

Austin Food and Wine Festival was in town over the weekend. I would have LOVED to attend, but the prices were a bit steep for me at $850 a pass. Luckily I have a old friend that had a hook up with Cuvee Coffee from Smithville and he invited me to a dessert tasting at the Hotel St. Cecilia Friday night.

Cassiday was my date and we literally had NO idea what to expect. No idea. 

A fancy night calls for a fancy dinner at 2nd Bar + Kitchen. The patio is great...and the menu changes often. I crave their Gin and Jam drink often (a gin cocktail with a big spoonful...spoon included...of jam on top.) We shared Bacon and Eggs, Roasted Clams, and Salt and Pepper Ahi. Check out the menu here for full descriptions. 

On to the main event! 

As we pulled up to the Hotel St. Cecilia Cassiday grabbed my arm, "I think I just saw Andrew Zimmern walk into the event." WHAT! Yes!!!!

To make a long story short. We somehow ended up at a very private event with all the celeb chefs in town for the festival. 

I have no idea why we were allowed to be at this event, but it happened. Pinch me. 

Andrew Zimmern of Bizzare Foods on The Travel Channel. Super nice guy...who also has a background in radio! If you are a fan...he has a new podcast called, "Go Fork Yourself."

Christina Tosi (2nd from the left) is the superstar lady behind Momofuko Milk Bar in NYC. If you are travlening to NYC anytime soon...you must go for some cake truffles!

There were quite a few notables from Top Chef!  We saw Top Chef judge Gail Simmons and Top Chef Texas runner up Sarah Grueneberg. From Top Chef Masters we saw Tony Mantuano (on the right) of Spiaggia in Chicago and Jonathan Waxman of  Barbuto in NYC. 

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Something affordable: Great Handbags under $100

Email from Vickie:  
I want to get a new handbag. Any suggestions? Are u seeing any new styles for spring??? $100 maximum limit!

I think the best place to start looking is www.Piperlime.com. They have a great section on their website called, "Girl on a Budget." The section includes the season's hot handbags under $100. Here are a few purses featured on the site from the always affordable brands Big Buddha and Melie Bianco.

(Also...just check out the Big Buddha website...they ALWAYS have tons of cute trendy bags under $100.) Click here.

Big Buddha Jimmy Tote - $85. 

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Hillside Farmacy

I am obsessed with all of the new fun places popping up in Austin! Today my friend Lindsey and I met for a ladies lunch at the newly opened Hillside Farmacy on East 11th! 

I loved this place even before I tried it! It is perfect for a ladies lunch! They also have a dinner menu and a raw bar...so I am thinking this could be a really fun date place as well.

Lunch was affordable...the place was packed in a good way...and the food was really good. I can't wait to go back! (They also have a room with a big table that can accomodate private parties...always good to know)

Here is a really cool article about the history of the place. Click here to read. 

Click here for their website

Click here for their facebook page!

All right...so here is what I gathered.

There is a bar.

There are some amazing looking pastries, desserts, meats, and cheeses in these cases!

Hilside Farmacy is also a mini grocery store with things like local jams and mixes on the shelves surrounding you as you eat!

Even the details like the salt and pepper shakers were cute!

My friend had the Mac and Cheese and the Thank You Sandwich (roasted chicken, smoked mozzarella and strawberry orange jam)...both super tasty. I know this because she shared. What a good friend!

I tried a small plate called, "The House Gravlax." I had to aske the waitress what that meant... turned out to be smoked salmon!

Hillside Farmacy also has an afternoon tea for $20! How much fun would that be with a group of girls! Sign me up!

Since the menus are not online yet...I snapped some blurry/bad pics of the menu!

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Netflix Streaming Pick: Buck

I am so excited that the documentary Buck is available on Netflix Streaming!

Buck is a movie about horseman Buck Brannaman who is a real life horse whisperer.

Buck won the audience award at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

I could go on and on…but I simply loved this movie when I saw it at The Violet Crown. I loved the scenery, I loved the horses, and I loved the story. Watch the trailer and see for yourself!

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Spring Awakening

I had the pleasure of seeing Spring Awakening at The Zach Sunday and was very much impressed with the production.

I saw the national tour of this musical a few years back and couldn't wait to see it a second time...and on Zach's intimate stage.  Every time I go to Zach I am blown away by the amount of local talent in this town...talent that rivals any show I have seen on Broadway or in a national tour. The cast for Spring Awakening is very young, and it was so cool seeing local high school students in a few starring roles. Watch out for  Jordan Barron playing Moritz...he was just awesome to watch and is just a senior at Bowie HS this year.

FYI....parents...this show has some adult themes and nudity - so it might not be for all ages.

The show is here until November 13th...and you can buy tickets by going here: http://www.zachtheatre.org/on-stage
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Austin Shop Crawl

Heads up friends:

This year has flown by and the holidays are just around the corner. An event to keep in mind for Holiday Shopping is Austin Shop Crawl.

Sign up for the FREE Austin Shop Crawl badge and save 10%-20% on participating stores around Austin from November 25th - December 4th.

Stores and restaurants will be announced soon with ways to save on private sales (buy 1 get 1 free) , get free food, qualify for in store give aways, and increase your savings up to 50% off!

Click here to 'LIKE' their Facebook page so you are first to know about all the deals!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Austin-Shop-Crawl-Black-Friday-November-25th-Dec-4th/151448278259560?sk=app_189116767802011
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Something adorable: Kate Spade purses.

This owl purse might be the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

If I had all the money in the world - I would shop everything Kate Spade.  Click here to check them all out!

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Something to make a Statement: Kendra Scott

I got my first pair of Danielle Earrings from Kendra Scott!! Watch out now!

I got the pink ones (taken by more HORRIBLE cell phone camera) for me....thinking I will get the blue ones for my mom for Christmas!

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50/50 Movie Review


Adam has a rare form of cancer. A sincere look at how ones deals with a 50/50 death sentance.

Expectations going in:

I have been waiting to see this movie all summer long. I mean…how could a movie with Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon Levitt not be good?

My take:

Everything I hoped for and more.

Very raw…very real…very sad…and yet still very funny.

I did some major self reflection while watching this movie.

Things you should know going in:

The movie was written by Seth Rogan’s real life friend Will Reiser who found out he had the rare form spinal cancer referenced in the movie 6 years ago.

Make sure to bring:

Kleenex. You will cry.

You will like it if:

  1. You are a fan of Seth Rogan and the characters he plays in every movie – the seemingly lazy pot smoking/drinking friend who surprises you in the end.

  2. You like a good “bro”mance movie

  3. You want to do some serious refection on your own life.

Watch out for:

Anna Kendrick who plays the therapist = rising star!

Would I go with my mom:

Yes! My mother was advised by yours truly she must see this movie.

Good date movie?

I would say this movie is a little heavy for a first date.

Will I buy it?

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Movie Review: Moneyball


The story of Billy Beane  - the GM of the Oakland A's and his attempt to change the game of baseball - with a small payroll and math.

Expectations going in:

HUGE expectations. Everyone that has seen it so far has LOVED it.

My take:

It is not a fast movie, it is not a flashy movie, but it is one hell of a story.The movie was definitely slower than I expected, but I enjoyed every second of it. Finally, Brad Pitt is just plain sexy in this film.

Look out for:

This could be the last movie with a larger Jonah Hill. He has DRAMATICALLY changed his look since filming this movie. I personally don't care what he looks like...he is funny no matter what.

Do you have to like baseball?

I  think the movie has more to do with life, going with your gut, and fulfilling your purpose...than just baseball. It doesn't hurt to have some interest in sports, and in the romance of winning and losing.

Would I go with my mom:

This is a movie I could convince my whole family to see! I love finding movies I can see with my dad.

Good date movie?

It the guy likes sports...excellent choice.

Will I buy it?

Most likely
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Something Burnt Orange

Have you noticed? Burnt Orange is fashionable! Burnt Orange is THE color of the season....meaning this is the year to stock up on cute attire to wear to Longhorn events. Every store I have shopped in the past week has something burnt orange....here are some of my favs under $100! (The Peacoat from J.Crew is $245)

Corduroy Leggings - Gap $59.99 - (Also found some one sale at Kohls for $42!)

Dress -  Lauren Conrad from Kohls - $44.80

Back V-Neck Sweater - Urban Outfitters - $69

Fringe Eternity Scarf - Urban Outfitters - $29

Maxi Skirt - MINKPINK - $83

Poncho - Hive & Honey - $69

Silk Blouse - J.Crew - $98

Cardigan - Madewell - $68

Peacoat - J.Crew - $245

Crochet T - Hive & Honey - $34


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Something Whimsical: A perfect baby gift!

A LOT of my friends are having babies...so I am always on the lookout for cute/different baby gifts. I was at a craft fair in Dallas over the weekend and just fell in love with 3 Bears Studio. Maybe it is my love for Babar/Elephants (she paints a lot of elephants), and everything whimsical, but I can't get over how stinking cute these original paintings are!

Even better - they are affordable with many options under $40.

You can buy paintings straight off the Etsy Site - Click here for 3 Bears Studio

Here are some of my favorites!

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TOMS Ballet Flats

Love it! This spring TOMS Shoes is adding ballet flats to their line of shoes.

TOMS shoes works on a 'one for one' system. For each pair of TOMS shoes purchased - a pair is given to a child in need.

Click here to get an email when the ballet flats are available!

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Something Dumb: Spilled Coffee T?

I can think of so many other things I would rather spend $85 on. Click here if you want it. Starbucks has teamed up with designers to commemorate 40 years in business. And this is what they came up with?

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I Don't Know How She Does It

I Don't Know How She Does it

How does a wife and mother of 2 balance her personal life with her high powered work life? I just don’t know how anyone does it!

Expectations going in:

Haven’t seen a single trailer for this movie. I just knew it was an SJP movie…and I see ALL her movies. I would say low expectations going in...which might have contributed to why I liked it.

My take:

Was it AMAZING/Fav movie of the year? No! Was it cute enough? Yes!

This movie came out of nowhere for me. It was a super cute movie with some really funny lines and moments.  I found it to be very real. It was written by a mom...and you could tell. I mean this movie isn't winning any awards, but it was everything I want out of light-hearted comedy. I definitely think it is worth the price of a movie ticket.

Look out for:

Oh man…I LOVED this cast.

  • Olivia Munn is hilarious and my new favorite actress. Before this movie I really only knew her as the girl who may have been hooking up with Justin Timberlake.

  • Seth Meyers is also great in this movie a really obnoxious snarky work bully.

  • Christine Hendricks is finally dressed in non Mad Men clothes and is adorable!

You will like it if:

  • You are a woman…and even more if you are a mom

  • You are a die hard SJP fan

  • You want a light hearted movie that will make you laugh...2 hours of entertainment.

Would I go with my mom:

Yes – Called her immediately after the movie and told her to see it!

Good date movie?

Oooo – I do not think I would drag my boyfriend to this one. Definitely a girls night movie.

Will I buy it?

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Something Fab: Missoni for Target

What a day. The Missoni line for Target is here...and now pretty much sold out everywhere. The website for Target has been offline since at least 7am...and stores were ransacked by frenzied women the minute they opened. I got a tip from a listener Melissa that the Georgetown Target still had some merchandise...so after failing at 2 Targets....I was on a mission. When friends/family found out I was going...I got lots of requests. For example, my mom found shoes in my size in Dallas...but still needed shoes in her size etc. etc. etc.

I about had a heart attack in the purchase line, and I felt the need to tell everyone in line that I was just buying stuff for friends/family who lived near sold out stores.

Got to say - really impressed with the quality of the line...and can't WAIT to wear my shoes!!!

Oh...and shout out to Rosa who totally BUSTED me the second I walked into the store. Yes. I did drive 30+ miles for shopping. ha

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