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Posts from March 2012

4 Things March 28, 2012
Lady Gaga w/ no make up!

Alicia Silverstone mouth feeds her kid like a bird.

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4 Things March 27, 2012
New James Van Der Beek's show looks pretty good!

Behind the scenes of Justin Bieber's new single - Boyfriend.

Tenacious D back in Action - new album out in May

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4 Things March 26, 2012

Canadian Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova has been disqualified from competition because she was not born a female. Their rules state the contender must be a "naturally born female.

The next "Susan Boyle"
Click here to watch the Britain's Got Talent contestant

Megan Fox has spent $60,000 on cosmetic surgery in her career.

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Gavin DeGraw
I got to talk with Gavin DeGraw at the Austin Rodeo the day after his first performance on DWTS!  Listen to the full interview Thursday at 8:20am w/ The JB and Sandy Show on Mix 94.7!

We talked about what Hunger Games celeb he shared a plane ride with last week...who he thinks will be kicked off the show first!

Here is what Gavin thought of his first DWTS show!

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4 Things February 20, 2012

Justin Bieber in Complex Magazine. Check out all the pics here....they are crazy insane!

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Judd Apatow

My 2 minute red carpet interview with Director/Producer Judd Apatow at the screening of his new project Girls on HBO. 

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4 Things March 13, 2012
Faith Hill at LAX with no make up

Harri at the London Zoo loves to play air guitar

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Something affordable: Great Handbags under $100
Email from Vickie:  
I want to get a new handbag. Any suggestions? Are u seeing any new styles for spring??? $100 maximum limit!

I think the best place to start looking is www.Piperlime.com. They have a great section on their website called, "Girl on a Budget." The section includes the season's hot handbags under $100. Here are a few purses featured on the site from the always affordable brands Big Buddha and Melie Bianco.

(Also...just check out the Big Buddha website...they ALWAYS have tons of cute trendy bags under $100.) Click here.

Big Buddha Jimmy Tote - $85. 

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Hillside Farmacy
I am obsessed with all of the new fun places popping up in Austin! Today my friend Lindsey and I met for a ladies lunch at the newly opened Hillside Farmacy on East 11th! 

I loved this place even before I tried it! It is perfect for a ladies lunch! They also have a dinner menu and a raw bar...so I am thinking this could be a really fun date place as well.

Lunch was affordable...the place was packed in a good way...and the food was really good. I can't wait to go back! (They also have a room with a big table that can accomodate private parties...always good to know)

Here is a really cool article about the history of the place. Click here to read. 

Click here for their website

Click here for their facebook page!

All right...so here is what I gathered.

There is a bar.

There are some amazing looking pastries, desserts, meats, and cheeses in these cases!

Hilside Farmacy is also a mini grocery store with things like local jams and mixes on the shelves surrounding you as you eat!

Even the details like the salt and pepper shakers were cute!

My friend had the Mac and Cheese and the Thank You Sandwich (roasted chicken, smoked mozzarella and strawberry orange jam)...both super tasty. I know this because she shared. What a good friend!

I tried a small plate called, "The House Gravlax." I had to aske the waitress what that meant... turned out to be smoked salmon!

Hillside Farmacy also has an afternoon tea for $20! How much fun would that be with a group of girls! Sign me up!

Since the menus are not online yet...I snapped some blurry/bad pics of the menu!

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4 Things March 7, 2012
Lenny Kravitz as Cinna in The Hunger Games

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4 Things March 6, 2012
Check out Snooki's ring!

If the iPad is going to be like this...the YES...I want one!


The happiest baby in the world? All it takes is a ball!

13 year old from Iran singing Adele = pretty darn good.

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4 Things March 5, 2012
Click here to see Brian McKnight's kid taking his hat off at this weekend's Nascar race.

Best sketch on SNL Saturday night.

Disney Housewives

The Lorax 
Did you see The Lorax this weekend! The Lorax had the biggest opening of the year making $70.7 million!


Dixie Chicks are back at work!
It has been 6 years since their last album, but the Dixie Chicks are back at work working on a new album.



Brad and Angelina are building a theme park.

Since the couple can't really take their kids to a public theme park they are building their own on their property in the south of France.
It will be eco-friendly and run off solar panels.

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Filipino Food: Cebuana Filipino Store

Sara and Cass Cultural Food Tour:

Two girls who love some Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern on The Travel Channel have decided to check out as many ethnic restaurants/stores around Austin as they can!  

First stop: Cebuana Filipino Store on 2400 E. Oltorf Austin, TX 78741

Referred by: Some great reviews on Yelp

Sara: I am 100% going back for some halo-halo dessert this summer. I also can't get over the fact that we had more than enough food for 2 people and it was under $11. The food was good...the owners were awesome!

Cassiday: This place totally defines the idea of a "best kept secret". It's a place you could drive by a million times and not notice, but now that I know it's there it'll be hard to drive by and not stop! I loved the owners, they were so nice and knowledgeable. The food was filling, tasty, and really really affordable, and halo halo is one of the most interesting desserts ever. I loved it.

Owners: Husband and wife team Maria and Fred. Maria is from the Philippines and cooks all the food.  Fred is from Philly. (That is why they also sell a version of Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches!) 

Random but Awesome: The store also has a big assortment of Kung Fu movies to rent and buy!

The food: 
The menu changes daily and is posted on the store's facbeook page here:

Chicken Curry

Noodles - Pancit Bihon - thin rice noodles fried with soy sauce, some citrus, and meat and veggies.  
Meat - Picadillo - Ground meat mixed with various ingredients
Pastry - Pork Lumpia - the Filipino version of the eggroll

Dessert - Halo-Halo - (mix- mix)  A traditional Filipino dessert made with shaved ice and evaporated milk and topped with beans and various fruits. We went all the way and topped ours with purple taro ice cream and coconut ice cream. 

Here is the Halo-Halo all mixed up. You can all the different candied fruits and beans in this photo. 

Only for the brave: Balut - a boiled fertilized egg. They sell these for $1.50 each. 


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