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Posts from June 2012

3 Things I am into right now
1. Head and the Heart - Went to their show a few weeks back and Stubbs and now I am obsessed.

2. Blue Elephant - Amazing boutique in Central Austin filled with affordable summer clothes.

Click here for the store's blog.

3. ABC Family - I am slightly obsessed with all the shows on ABC Family right now:

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4 Things June 8, 2012
A creepy Justin Bieber fan with crazy eyes.

Selena Gomez in Elle

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4 Things June 7, 2012
Check out Lauren Alaina - former American Idol runner up...all grown up!

Jewel is playing June Carter Cash in an upcoming Lifetime movie. I wouldn't have recognized her!

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4 Things June 5, 2012
How amazing does Lindsay Lohan look in the first official pic from the Elizabeth Taylor biopic!
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ATX TV Festival
What was the 1st Annual ATX TV Festival? It was a 48 hour festival celebrating tv! The coolest part was the access! The stars just hung out wtih everyone (I didn't have any special access/badge)

Seriously...if you are a tv fan...follow www.twitter.com/atxfestival to see who and what they have coming next! 

Friday Night

On the red carpet - Scott Wolf for his new show Kaijudo:Rise of the Duel Masters. I swear he has not aged since Party of Five!

Scott Porter - Played Jason Street on Friday Night Lights...and currently playing George Tucker in Hart of Dixie.

Judy Greer - The voice of Cheryl in Archer. She also is in basically every movie ever made. 

Life Unexpected stars: Shiri Appleby Britt Robertson - and Arielle Kebbel

Do you ever watch Royal Pains on USA? That is Divya!

Later that night...during the after party we got to watch Mae Whitman from Parenthood sing with her boyfriend Landon Pigg

Then after dancing with fans...fellow Parenthood cast member Jason Ritter joined the fun too!

I also grabbed Michael B Jordan from Friday Night Lights and Parenthood.  
He is so good looking!


First I had to moderate a screening of The League, The new Nick Kroll Comedy Show, Archer, and New Girl
Paul Scheer, Nick Kroll, Judy Greer, and David Wain were in attendance. 
**Fun tidbit - Judy Greer shot a pilot for ABC this year. They had an hour and a half meeting about her hair. ha. 

Then I moderated a screeing of the new TBS Show starting this summer called, Sullivan and Son. The show stars comedian Steve Byrne.
Producing the show is Peter Billingsley. You might remember him as the kid in A Christmas Story. He is also Vince Vaughn's producing partner. They did the movies The Break Up and Iron Man.

Then I headed to the TBS panel featuring Bill Lawrence (creator of Spin City, Scrubs, and Cougar Town) This was a love fest of tv. 

I took pics with Ian Gomez from Cougar Town...remember when he was Javier on Felicity!

Brian Van Holt plays Bobby on Cougar Town



Parenthood screeing and Q&A!!!!!

Dax Shepard, Mae Whitman, and Jason Ritter representing!

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What's up with Colin?

A chat with Colin Hanks about his new movie 'High School' and more....


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