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Posts from October 2013

The Counselor

Something about drugs, and El Paso, and Mexico, and money. Honestly…they kept everything so vague throughout the whole movie I don’t know if I ever quite “figured” it out.

Expectations going in:

Well…if a movie has Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, and Michael Fassbender…I assume it is going to be a GREAT movie.


Another reason this movie should have been GREAT…it was written by Cormac McCarthy who wrote All The Pretty HorsesNo Country for Old Men, and The Road. This was his screenwriting debut.

My Take:

1. I had a physical reaction to this movie it was so bad.  

2. Cameron Diaz is a really bad actress. She should stick to romantic comedies. 

When the movie went from bad to worse:

Just wait until you see what Cameron Diaz has sex with. Just wait. Have fun watching that. I am forever scared.

 Should I rent it?

I can’t even fully support this movie as a rental.

Anything good about the movie?

 Cameron Diaz has pet cheetahs. That is kind of cool.

Good date movie?

If a guy took a girl to this movie on a first date…it would be the worst first date ever.

Bottom Line

I am sure you are not going to take me at my word, and go see this movie for the same reason I did…a great cast. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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5 AMAZING reasons to check out Austin Film Festival

1. Jenji Kohan: The woman who created 'Orange is the New Black' is coming!!!!  

Jenji Kohan is who you have to thank for 'Orange is the New Black.' I think I consumed that show in 2 days of binge watching. I want to know where she came up with all those crazy characters!

Click here for more info.

PS...she also created Weeds. I know. Amazing. 


2. Vince Gilligan is talking Breaking Bad. 

This is EPIC. There are at least 5 opportunites this weekend to get in a room with the man of the moment Vince Gilligan. 

Here are two:

A Conversation with Vince Gilligan: You know he was also a writer on The 'X Files' right?

Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad (The Alpha & the Omega) - Mr. Gilligan will discuss Walter White's transformation. #HellYes


3. Susan Sarandon is coming!!

 Is it creepy to say out loud that I just want to see her in real life? Confession: I think my favorite Susan Sarandon movie is, 'Stepmom' and I am only kind of ashamed to say that outloud. 

Susan Sarandon presents: Romance & Cigarettes


4. Callie Khouri: The woman behind THELMA AND LOUISE, and the tv show 'Nashville' is coming!

Callie Khouri is also behind, 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood' and 'Something to Talk About.'
Let's be honest: Nashville is an addicting show that is on my DVR every week.

A Conversation with Callie Khouri 

5. Will Ferrell is coming!

Why is Will Ferrell coming?
Will will be part of a live reading of a movie script by 'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan.

Vince Gilligan Presents: A Special Stage Script Reading of 2 FACE

5 1/2. Leslie Dixon: The woman behind OVERBOARD AND MRS. DOUBTFIRE is coming! 

She also wrote, LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW which makes me very happy.

A conversation with Leslie Dixon

If you are interested in AFF 2013...you can still buy a ticket!
Click here for AFF's Website!

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I went to ACL Weekend 1.
If I were to go again this weekend...this is who I would see/re-see (is that even a word?)

  • Blind Boys of Alabama
  • Jake Bugg - I have been listening to this 19 year old kid from the UK a lot this week
  • Shovels and Rope
  • Vampire Weekend - a fun festival band
Then...if you want some electronic music which I would never listen to at home because I think it is weird...but I really like at festivals
  • Kaskade
  • Purity Ring 

  • Reignwolf
  • Haim - because I feel like EVERYONE is talking about these girls
  • Valerie June - I hear this weekend she will have an all chick band. #Cool
  • Portugal the Man
  • Little Green Cars
  • Shaky Graves
  • Passion Pit
  • The Shouting Matches

  • Typhoon
  • Ms Mr
  • Dawes - Great band to take a seat...chill..and just listen.
  • Noah and the Whale - Lot of young people at this show dancing. #FunTimes
  • The Lone Bellow - one of my favorite new bands this year - fav song = Bleeding Out
  • GroupLove - super fun...dancing required
  • The National
  • Neko Case - even though Atoms for Peace completely drowns out her set

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Four Things October 10, 2013
1. Kanye on Kimmel
Take the time to watch the Kanye interview on Kimmel last night. I feel like Kanye is holding back tears at times he is so passionate and frustrated over what he wants to say. I think they both did a great job of listening to eachother. Sidenote: I really think Kanye could have found some non-ripped jeans. Click here for the interview. 

. Dreamwork CEO wanted 3 more Breaking Bad Episodes
Apparently Jeffrey Katzenberg of Dreamworks really wanted 3 more episodes of Breaking Bad...so much so that he offered to pay $75 million for 3 more episodes! Read about it in Variety - Click here! 

. Austin bar jokes about domestic violence
Apparently an employee at Minibar on San Jacinto thinks it is ok to joke about domestic beers and domestic violence in the same sentance. Gary Dinges from the Statesman has the story. 

. American Music Award nominations
Up for Artist of the Year - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Bruno Mars - Rihanna - Taylor Swift - Justin Timberlake. Click here for a full list of nominees from Billboard Magazine.

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