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The day after my cheat meal...Day 7

So.....I was told that the day after a cheat meal you will feel leaner...and it is true. I woke up today with that feeling of...dang...I feel skinny today!! I felt good so I wanted to look good and put on my extra short shorts. oh yea.

Now I have had this feeling before...and usually when I feel skinny I go out and eat whatever I want...because I feel skinny. The My Fit Foods manual I got at the beginning of this said that you will feel skinny the day after a cheat meal...but don't let it fool you...keep on keepin' on. On it.

Sidenote*** I did get into a little arguement with my nutritionist on Sunday. I thought surely my 1 piece of cookie cake does not count as my cheat meal. I ran 8 miles on Saturday...SURELY 1 cookie is ok. Unfortunately...my nutritionist said I should count the cookie as my cheat meal. boooo. I was really hoping for some Taco Deli....bummer. Instead I had some chicken and vegetables...still tasty.

08/16/2010 2:41AM
The day after my cheat meal...Day 7
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08/16/2010 6:18AM
Sara, I'm so excited you are sharing this 21 Day Challenge with the listeners. I went in on Sunday and picked up a few items to "try" and booked my consult for this Wednesday. Keep up the good work.
08/17/2010 4:37AM
Sara Osburn
Yay!!! I am so excited! If you sign up for it..you will have to let me know about your progress!!!!
10/22/2011 5:42AM
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