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Day 8 - On the verge of changing habits?

Day 8 DONE with My Fit Foods....and things are getting easier. I kept hearing...you will have more energy...you will have more energy...and guess what I have more energy!

Who knows if it will last...but the past few days I have had so much energy I have been on a 'get up and do stuff' roll! For example, yesterday I cleaned my house instead of laying in bed all day. I assume the energy is an equal mixture of working out...and eating healthy.

Another think I am liking about this My Fit Foods thing are some new habits I am forming.

For example.

Old Habit: I would wake up at 4am and stay in bed till about 4:40 working on my computer...checking the news for the radio show. I am always half asleep while I do it...thus it takes me around 40 minutes. Then I drag myself out of bed..get ready...grab an apple...and then starve all morning long until about 8am when everyone on the show decides to get food.

New Habit in the works: With the 21 day Challenge you have to drink the liver cleanse w/in the first 15 minutes of waking up. (more on this later) That means NOW I wake up at 4am and immediately hop out of bed to drink. That cleanse wakes me up...I go upstairs to get ready....and then come back down to sit at the kitchen table...do my work...and have a nice healthy breakfast. Taking the time to sit at the table and have a huge breakfast puts me in a great mood every morning so far. I go into work more alert...and not starving. This is a habbit I hope I keep up.

Check out my set up!

08/16/2010 3:53PM
Day 8 - On the verge of changing habits?
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