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Something True: Looking for my moment

I am about to turn 31 in a week and it is freaking me out.  I think there is a lot of pressure in turning 30…everyone says things like, “your 30s are your best…your 30s are when you figure out you…your 30s are when you get things done!”

Ugh. That is a lot of pressure.

My first year in 30 has been good. I have had fun dating, I have joined a comedy sketch group (There’s Waldo), I joined a running group (Rogue Running), I have continued to make awesome friends, I have done A LOT of shopping, and I bought a MacBook Pro…to edit videos?

BUT…my first year in 30 has not been life changing….and for some reason right now I want something life changing. I am craving a positive “shake things up” moment. For year I have felt that I am on the brink of something…and I just have to make that one next step and bam!…it will happen. Problem is…I can’t seem to make that next step.

See pressure….

What is in between a quarter life and middle life crisis? Whatever it is…I feel like I am having it now.

Changing the subject…my parents are coming in town this weekend…yay!!! My mother is a clean freak…our house was always PERFECT. Since this will be the first time they have seen my new place I am spending each day this week organizing a different section of my apartment. Today, for example, I reorganized my closet and drawers. Tomorrow I will organize my kitchen cabinets…and Friday will be the dusting, mopping, sweeping, scrubbing day. I want them to walk in and say, “wow Sara…your place is so nice and grown up!”

Here is our agenda in no particular order….Esthers Follies…Gordoughs….The Backspace….Fonda San Miguel…Farmers Market…Whole Foods…Lululemon…Beehive…and Violet Crown.

Back to cleaning!

08/03/2011 12:45PM
Something True: Looking for my moment
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