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Gagging It Up With The Martian

I love gag reels. Sorry, I just do.

To watch the behind-the-scenes mess-ups to me can be more entertaining than the movie itself.

Not so with The Martian, the Matt Damon movie about an astronaut accidentally stranded on Mars.

The movie's pretty good - and that's my four-wordreview - and so is the gag reel.

I don't think you need to have seen the movie to appreciate the fun in this.

I especially like that Jeff Daniels appears unamused by the gaffes - but has his fun with Kristen Wiig at the end.

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And This is How You Choreograph Live Television

Fox's broadcast of Grease Live was pretty well received.

But a lot of people don't have a full appreciation of the amount of work that goes into a production like that.

For every person on screen, there's dozens behind the scenes, making sure everything goes right.

Check out this amazing video that shows an associate director going through the paces callng the camera shots for "Greased Lightning."

Think you could do that?
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It's a Flying Fish, Naturally

A weather reporter (according to this TV account) was taping her reaction to an ocean storm on Barry Island off the coast of Wales when she got a surprise.

A wave broke over a wall, and a rather large fish hit her in the head.

It's a pretty funny video. She got knocked back but not down.

But people are questioning its authenticity.

Staged or not? What say you?

Catch Of The Day

Reporter hit in head by flying fish during weather report... #sun7

Posted by Sunrise on Monday, February 1, 2016
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Jeff Dunham Picks the Super Bowl Winner...

You know it's got to be a little nutty in Jeff Dunham's house

The comic ventriloquist and his wife just had twins.

Like that's not enough - he's also got all those dummies hanging around.

The noises are not just inside his head, people.

Jeff got his housemates to sit down and weigh in on Sunday's Big Game.

Check it out - and enjoy!

All the guys give their picks for Super Bowl 50!... And I TRY to... #SuperBowl

Posted by Jeff Dunham on Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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"What Would We Be Without Our Mountains?"

Some folks are already saying Coors Light wins the Super Bowl advertising contest.

Not that there is one, but it seems like that's something to talk about, especially if your team didn't make it to the big game.

The thinking is that their ad for the Super Bowl shows women doing some kick-butt things in the same commercial as men doing kick-butt things - none of which involve drinking beer, by the way - while some smooth-voiced announcer talks about how we all have mountainst to climb.

This is ground-breaking?

It's a decent ad, but I don't see this one as being any better than any others I've already had a sneak peek at.

How about you?
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Check Out the New Barbie & Ken

The folks at Mattel must have gotten tired of humans trying to imitate their dolls.

Specifically, the Barbie and Ken dolls.

You do remember the Human Barbie and Human Ken people? People who had obscene amounts of plastic surgery to become living, breathing representations of these plastic playthings.

Well, tables turned, Human Plastic People.

Mattel has a new line of Barbies out there - featuring three different body types, promoting "overall diversity."

No, they're serious.
  But what about Ken, you say?

Doesn't Ken get a redesign too?

Not to worry. While it's not clear if Mattel has actual plans to diversify Ken, a clothing company in England called Lyst commissioned an artist to come up with a line of Ken dolls to match the new Barbies.

And I must say, even though it's only a drawing, it's pretty impressive...
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Green Beauty Find!

Here's a Cool Green Beauty 1 Thing idea. Click the photo!
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Pooper Troll Fitty

Who's excited about the big football game this weekend? Due to trademark restrictions I can't say the name of the game but it rhymes with Pooper Troll. I also can't say the name of the teams playing this year in Pooper Troll Fitty but they rhyme with Francoes and Schmanthers.

Personally I can't stand the Francoes or the Schmanthers so of course I hope at the end of the fourth quarter that it's a tie and they have to go into overtime, after which it's still a tie and the Francoes and Schmanthers keep slugging it out until all remaining players lose consciousness and they have no choice but to declare Pooper Troll Fitty a tie. Yay! Now cut to one of those hilarious Pooper Troll commercials where Lady Gaga is eating Doritos® while riding on top of a billy goat. Oh wait. Does the ASPCA forbid the use of the word billy goat and Lady Gaga in the same sentence? I'll have to check on that.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, she will be singing the national anthem before the start of Pooper Troll Fitty. Rumor has it they wanted Tony Bennett to sing the national anthem but when they asked if he'd sing at Pooper Troll Fitty his reply was, "Young fella, what the hell is Pooper Troll Fitty?"

Speaking of really old farts, how 'bout that Peyton Manning? Rumor has it he will retire after Pooper Troll Fitty. As a matter of fact, Peyton Manning is so old that Las Vegas odds have Peyton Manning retiring at halftime and letting backup quarterback Brock Osweiler finish the game.

Speaking of halftime, this year's performances include Coldplay, Beyonce (her 4th Pooper Troll appearance) and Bruno Mars (2nd Pooper Troll appearance). Wow. What a snooze fest. I think halftime will be my queue to stick my finger down my throat so as to puke out all the Pooper Troll party snacks and alcohol I've ingested over the past couple hours and make room for the gluttony of third and fourth quarter.

Pooper Troll Fitty – I can't wait. May the best team tie.
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What If She Said No?

A guy in coastal England went to great lengths to propose to his girlfriend Liz.

He created a video showing him battling her father, Star Wars-style, to ask permission to marry her.

He almost lost the engagement ring, Lord of the Rings-style.


And as she watched the video in the middle of an open field, he snuck up behind her, hit a knee and popped the question.

Epic proposal on all fronts.

Good thing she said yes. Lord knows what might have been in store...

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