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Super Bowl!!!!!!

Here's the UB take on the big game: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN What in the world was the slide across the stage and bang his crotch into the camera all about? Thankfully there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction. Where was the E Street Band? There were so many people on stage I could barely see them. And have we not gotten over bringing the gospel choir onstage to try to get some cred? That was over in 1989. I have no problem with 10th Avenue Freezeout. You know how I feel about Born To Run (earlier post) so no need to drag it through the mud. Artists---I know you gotta sell albums, but on Super Bowl Sunday nobody wants to hear your new song...hence the big yawn when Bruce broke into the new song he threw into the mix...then he did Glory Days and changed the words from a baseball to a football song. It was painfully obvious to me long ago when this song first came out that Bruce knew nor cared anything about sports...he called a "fastball" a "speedball"....nobody ever in the history of baseball called it a "speedball"...his use of "hail mary" and his attempt to fake a pass looked feminine. All I'm saying is Boss, go with what you know on the big stage. Overall his show was ok but a bit glam for a rock n roll icon. Referees If you watch any NFL football at all the referees have GOT to be getting on your nerves. There are a small handful of them that think the game is about them...they must tell their kids "look for daddy on TV today, I'll throw a flag just for you." They can't WAIT to throw a flag to get their face on television. It is ruining the game for me. There were several penalties called that were obvious non-penalties that just sucks the life out of the game...and it seems that the NFL rewards the biggest camera-mugging refs with putting them in the Super Bowl!!!!!! Astounding! The Game I was shocked. UB has been a life-long football fan and seen nothing but misery out of the Cardinals. I thought they played well and deserved to win if not for a couple boneheaded plays. What a shame. It's not like Pittsburgh looked like a championship team, although they did what they had to do to win. Pittsburgh fans, never forget...you ESCAPED the Super Bowl with a win over the Cards...so you might want to keep it down just a little, ok? Commercials We all know that the Super Bowl commercials have gone downhill but this lot was particularly amateurish. The Pepsi "MacGruber" commercial was just plain unfunny. I saw what they were going for, but they didn't pull it off. And the Doritos Crystal Ball...is the guy throwing the Crystal Ball into the boss' crotch STILL considered comedy? That may be funny to third graders, but PLEASE. Banner Didn't look like she lip synched, sounded good. Way to go Jennifer...especially after her recent family tragedy.

02/02/2009 1:29PM
Super Bowl!!!!!!
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