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Do you remember where you were today 12 years ago?... 

I was living in St. Petersburg, FL.  When the first plane hit, I was  finishing up curling my hair, getting ready to head out to work- MIddays at a Classic Rock station/ 102.5. I remember Ted turning on the tv and a few minutes later yelling out to me, 'Hon a plane hit the Twin Towers.'  I ran out of the bathroom to see what he was talking about, and shortly after we both saw the 2nd plane hit.  It was something out of a  movie. This couldn't be real, but it was.  I headed into work, and experienced so many emotions...  Everyone's experience 12 years ago was different, but the one thing I remember the most is how we pulled together as a nation dealing w/ thousands of lives that were lost.  Neighbors were helping neighbors... strangers helping strangers... Flags being flown to let the world know 'We Stand United'! 

 Here is a poem that I have kept a copy w/ me all these years, and I share it each year on this day.  This poem was written by a 4th grader, Christine Morrison from Salem, Ohio, as she watched the tragedy unfold on tv with the Twin Towers collapsing into heaps of dust. 


The dust, the smoke, the clouds
from the dust of September

The sadness, the sorrow, the darkness
from the dust of September

The pretty sites are gone, the love, the death
from the dust of September

The families, the lives taken away
by the dust of September

Our country is sad, but our country still stands
in the dust of September

Our flag still waves
through the dust of September

We will never break, we will stand together
through the dust of September

People hurt, hearts broken, but we survive
in the dust of September.

Dear Abby's message to her readers on the 1 Year Anniversary of September 11th, when she shared this poem fits today.

"If Sept. 11 taught us anything, it is how strong the people of this great country can be when they are called upon. To the families and friends who lost loved ones a year ago today (12 years about today 9/11/13), you are in the hearts of all Americans. Our prayers are with you. 

Give your loved ones, family and friends extra hugs today.  Be nice to each other, which is something we should all try to do each day. 

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09/11/2013 6:18AM
Take a few moments...
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