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Happy Halloween (Weekend)!

Getting ready for the Big Party at ACL Live at the Moody Theater w/ Neon Trees.. 6th Annual Zombie Ball Masquerade. Not sure I'll pull off the Zombie look, since I'll be doing my own makeup. Here's an example of a few years ago when the FABULOUSLY TALENTED MATT VALENTINE did my Zombie makeup.

Anyway, have a Happy & Safe Halloween. If you have plans to get in the Zombie mood tonight, then be sure to say hey to me.

BTW... if you don't know much about Halloween. Besides it being the 2nd biggest $$ maker holiday when it comes to retail- Americans spend $6BILLION a year on Halloween! Why we dress up? Why beg for candy/treats? I guess we have to beg since we spent all our cash getting ready for Halloween. :) Check this out... Click here!



Here's a Boo-Licous deal:

Austin Police Department released a public statement on safety plans for individuals planning to celebrate Halloween downtown. Click here!

You could try this! Starbucks Franken Frapp!
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This is happening this weekend!

Big Halloween Holiday, Formula 1, Fun Fest Weekend is happening soon, which means APD will also have a 'No Refusal Weekend' in effect starting Friday, 10/31 at 9pm through Sunday Morning. Please plan a head. Don't Drink & Drive. Have a 'Designated Driver!' There will be a watchful eye out for underage drinking. Anyone of age who gets caught getting/giving alcohol to minors face a fine up to $4,000! Road closures will also be in place for FanFest. The biggest closures on 4th Street from Congress Avenue to San Antonio Street. (KEYE)

Another option if you have plans to party w/ adult beverages, and not sure about having a D-Driver, you could use 'URBAN SCOOT'. Austin's Designated Driver! Their motto: 'You Drink! We Drive!' Fully insured, UrbanScoot will pick up YOU and you VEHICLE, and safely deliver both to your destination for about the cost of cab fare. Our drivers pack a folding scooter into a protective case and place the scooter within the trunk of your vehicle and then scoot themselves to their next call once you've been safely delivered to your destination! - You can make a reservation.
Yes they have apps for that!
iTunes Google Play

Looking for Halloween plans. There are a few tickets left for the Zombie Ball Masquerade!
Click here and get them before they are gone!

There are lots of other Boos happening too. Click here!

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New Mix Ear Candy...

I'm happy to hear The Script's new single 'Superheroes' from their new album that's out now called 'No Sound Without Silence' on Mix 94.7. Danny has the hair extra pumped up..NICE!
What do you think ?

The Script are such cool, talented Irish Hotties! Look what Danny did w/ me backstage at Stubbs a past visit to ATX.. around 4:40...

I'm hoping for another run in w/ The Script in the near future. They are a whole bunch of fun... especially when they Confess stuff!
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Lots of great ideas to try...

Yesterday, I asked MIX Facebook friends if they could help me w/ ideas of how to get my nails to look and feel better. They are awful right now. I have tried so many things, but there are several ideas that were posted that I haven't tried..yet. Something has got to stick...

Here are a few to try, especially from Ashley Lynn w/ this chart that should help lots of issues that you may have...

Janetta suggests this:

Meagan L.-

Michele M.-


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Don't forget to VOTE!

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Why is Ikea Trending?

Ikea's Halloween spot is making the rounds. It's not trying to put something together which I wish I had video of my Honey Ted years ago putting an entertainment center together. After a few hours it was up w/ a few less screws and a hole in the back from a fist going through it. That would have been a Scary video.. This Rocks!

Like this especially since it's a Shining Reference, which I love that movie too... then we have something in common

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Watch out for this!

If you're a Blue Bell Ice Cream LOVER than we have something in common. Might be worth a vote!!!
Look out for this FABULOUS YUMMINESS and other Holiday favs.. 'Christmas Cookie' *(Yum) and more will be popping up too for a limited time! AWESOME!

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Go for it!

Sometimes you just have to whip out a 'Happy Dance!' It's 1/2 way through the work week!
GO FOR IT! It seems logical that I'd whip out PW's 'Happy', but I logical is not always a 'me word'.
I was feeling this.... Do your 'Happy Dance' to whatever makes you Happy!!!

I tagged Alex on FB.. Think he'll do it? Maybe pass it along to Booker?
Vote for your Fav?
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Do you agree?

Happy Tuesday! Question? Have you run across this already in stores?

If yes, and you Love Santa but really want to enjoy your Halloween Pumpkins, Candy and Costumes before you think about The Big Jolly Guy, gift shopping and making travel plans that can turn into snowy/cold long airport delays, then we're in sync. Click this link www.mix947.com/pages/20133304.php! YOU ROCK!
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I had a GOOD Cry last night...

I finally got this movie. 'No Fault In Our Stars' via Netflix and watched last night. It's a good thing I didn't see it in the theater. I teared up which turned into crying. I haven't cryed from a movie in a long time. One of the Best Love story movies I've seen in a while. I highly suggest watching it if you haven't, but be prepared with tissues. I've heard the book is better than the movie, so I'll be getting that soon. If that is the case, I better have a box of tissues ready.

The soundtrack includes Charlie XCX 'Boom Clap', which is a huge hit for her. She talks about that w/ Jay Styles when she was in the Mix Lounge for a Q&A last Friday. Click here to check it out!
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Are you ready for October 29th?

Well, the actual official release date of 'Hunger Games: Mocking Jay PT1 "Return to District 1' is November 21st, but tickets officially go on sale for it on October 29th! So looking forward to this. Here's the newest teaser w/ ear candy from Lorde.. NICE!

Lorde's 'Yellow Flicker Beat' produced w/ Coldplay producer Paul Epworth, and it was recorded at New Jersey's Lakehouse Recording Studios. More here
There are some rumbles that a track list of MockingJay Pt1 Soundtrack could show up next Tuesday, October 21st!
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This goes perfect w/ today...

#TBT I thought I'd share a Big Time Ear Worms I've had the past week for Whitesnake. I was a huge fan of theirs in the '80s early '90s. I had a thing for David Coverdale, and not a fan of Tawny Kitaen.

Anyway, I thought this photo of hair that defies gravity goes perfect w/ some Whitesnake, who I've been listening too a bunch lately on my off time. Here's one of my favs.... Might make your hair feel a bit bigger after you Rock out to it! You could even attempt a windmill...

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Cute & Disturbing...

Taylor's new Diet Coke commercial album promo has me torn w/ cute and/ or disturbing.
I'm thinking both. How about you?
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Do you think...?

Do you think folks have forgotten their manners?

I say yes just from experiences just this morning...

-Driving into work letting people in and not getting a wave from even 1 out of the 12 I let cut, It's basically cutting because they obviously thought they didn't need to wait in the lane that goes up on Mopac. It's easier to drive up closer, cut and not acknowledge anyone who let them in.

- Coming in the building and the person in front of your going into the buidling doesn't even try to hold the door open enough for you to grab it. Of course the elevator w/ this person isn't any better, They don't ask what floor, so you have to press it after they press their floor and hover near the panel, so you can't press your number until they get off the elevator. Or how about coming out of the elevator to someone else immediately pushing their way in before you can get completely out!

Okay.. I won't continue, because the list goes on. I appreciate the little things when they happen.. the wave on the road.. holding a door open..telling someone to have a nice day, can go a long way.
I'm not perfect by any means, and I know there have been times my manners were lacking too, so I don't condone it. But I do try to make my attitude better, which makes manners better too. Also face to face interaction is a big help. It's too easy at times to let them go w/ all the social networking going on.

I have a sign at home that says 'Be Nice or Leave!' It's pretty fitting for most circumstances. There is nothing wrong w/ being nice so we use our manners more often than not. Give it a try on the drive home today. It could even curb the road rage!

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Over 60 years...

This is how long a guy named Bob was w/ his wife Kath before she passed away 3 years ago. True Love reigns in this case. He recently wrote and shared a poem for Kath that is trending! I wanted to share this.. something that came from a True Love Heart. It's not the easiest thing to come by these days, but if you do have it, get it or had it during your lifetime, you are a better person for it. (Love You Always& Forever Ted.. my honey for over 21 years, married 13 of them) ..

Here's Bob's poem:

I am alone, now I know it's true

There was a time when we were two

Those were the days when we would chat

Doing little jobs of this and that

We'd go to the shops and select our meals

But now I'm one I know how it feels

To try and cook or have meals on wheels

The rooms are empty there's not a sound

Sometimes I'm lost and wander round

To look for jobs that I can do

To bring back the days when we were two

When darkness falls and curtains drawn

That's when I feel most forlorn

But I must be honest and tell the truth

I'm not quite alone and here's the proof

Because beside me in her chair

She quietly waits our time to share

Kath said to me some time ago

Darling when the time comes for us to go

Let's mix our ashes and be together

So we can snuggle up for ever and ever.
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More protection...

This is not a joke. It's available to order. I think protection is important, but can you see your man wearing this? Click here for the 411 on the Scroguard! *Warning: Adult Topic!

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$1,000 idea

Thousand Dollar Cash Code Contest is happening weekdays at 7a-11a-2p & 5p. Here's an idea for the $1.000. Go here www.mix947.com/cash to get all the details so you are ready to WIN!

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I'm so EXCITED aboutt he premiere of the new 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' on FX tonight at 9pm CT.
Here's some 411 worth knowing:
(The Hollywood Reporter) Jessica Lange returns to the FX anthology series, this time starring as as Elsa Mars, a German expat managing one of the last remaining freak shows in the country. Emma Roberts is set as con artist Maggie; Sarah Paulson is conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler; Kathy Bates is the bearded lady, Effil Darling; Angela Bassett is the three-breasted Desiree Dupree; and Evan Peters is Jimmy Darling, a man with lobster-like hands. The cast also includes Fargo's John Carroll Lynch as the central villain, Twisty the Clown; Michael Chiklis as strong man Wendell Del Toredo; and The Normal Heart's Finn Wittrock as Frances Conroy's entitled son; and the world's smallest living woman, Jyoti Amge.

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The universal language...

Puppy... Pug puppies.. So cute!

Extra bonus: The Cronut recipe! Hang on to this puppy video. You may need it after trying to make a 'Cronut'!
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Kicked off today...

$1000 Cash Code Contest kicked off this morning w/ the Mix Moring Show at 7am. Each weekday through Halloween, you have a chance to win $$ at 7a, 11a, 2p & 5p. Here's the link w/ all the 411. www.mix947.com/cash .
Here's an idea I had for what you could do w/ your winnings... Don't ask about the 50, you'll understand when you check out the video..

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One of my Favorite months...

October is a nice month w/ football, cooler temps (finally) and I just found out it's also National Pretzel Month. I'm in. I'm a Big Pretzel fan especially soft pretzels. I can't resist not getting an Auntie Anne's pretzel when I hit Barton Creek Square Mall. It's part of the shopping experience. If you've never tried pretzel crust pizza, well you are missing out! It's easy to make too. Get the Auntie Anne's kit and follow the dough directions, then make it how you like it! MMMM... I'm think'n this weekend I will celebrate the Big P-Month making some Pretzel Pizza. It will go great w/ the football games! Hook'em Horns!!! Go Cornhuskers!
Have a Happy & Safe Weekend!
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Awkward & Funny

Getting married soon, have a few of these in your bridal photos or just looking to see what not to do when it comes to photo opps...

I think this is more funny than awkward, although it could have been awkward for Ted since he's the one being pulled. :)
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Crossed this off my Bucketlist...

Hi there.. I was away for a bit doing an estate sale of my childhood home in Omaha, NE. Every time I drive home with Ted (yes.. at least a 13 hour drive), we see a sign in Hebron ,NE. We have never stopped until yesterday on the way back to ATX. Click here to find out what 'World's Largest' Hebron has!

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