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New Mix Ear Candy Fav...

You can hear Colbie Caillat's new single 'Try' from her new album Gypsy Heart.  'TRY' is so uplifting.. the video is AWESOME too! I suggest getting this in your ear candy collection. Share this w/ others...  It's so much more EMPOWERING to send a POSITIVE MESSAGE...KUDOS TO COLBIE! SHE ROCKS!

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What I don't like shopping for...

I can't believe I just typed that... not like shopping!  I enjoy shopping most of the time. A few times I don't when it comes to getting a bathing suit and also sunglasses.  This morning I had this fall out on my lap when I was getting ready to head into work. I have the worst luck w/ sunglasses.  I don't like getting expensive ones, because I've been known to sit on my sunglasses getting in the car. Somehow they end up in the seat before I sit down.  Or course cheap ones, can break sooner, which isn't always the case. It's also hard for me to find a pair that fits my face correctly and not hurt my ears after wearing them for awhile.  So when they finally break, I get bummed out I need to shop for another pair.

Do you have this same problem? Or am I just weird?  Okay.. I know I'm weird, but do you have this problem?

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Is this weird?

If tis, then it's perfect in ATX...
Which comes first Cereal then Milk?  Or Milk then Cereal as shown...  Many think this is weird?

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Would you consider this art?

The Taser Photoshoot by Patrick Hall. If you're thinking... Patrick has photographed/ video of folks getting tased. Then you're thinking right! All in the name of ART??.....  Do you consider this art?

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Mouth watering email?

I got an email that made my mouth water from Blue Bell Ice Cream. New Flavor Heads up!
Malt Shope- chocolate malt ice cream loaded w milk chocolate-covered malted milk balls! OMG, this sounds Amazeballs ( A word in the newest dictionary edition, still trying it out)  Look out for it in September.. SOON!

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Your turn..

#IceBucketChallenge  www.alsa.org  
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Test of the emergency broadcast system

a testing we will go , a testing we will go. high ho the dairy o a testing we will go
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