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Texting Junkies

text.jpgIn a previous post I wrote about my pet peeves with social networks but I felt it only fare to comment on people who are addicted to texting via their cell phone.  So, here is my top ten list of “you know you’re a text message junkie if…”

10. You text or tweet someone useless information (i.e., “I’m hungry,”” I’m happy,” etc.). 9.   Your first response when someone asks you a question, in person, is to grab your cell phone to text them the answer. 8.   You constantly look for deals on cell phone plans with unlimited texting even though you just signed a two year agreement. 7.   You dream in text messages. 6.   You don’t own a landline telephone. 5.   You know all the abbreviations for common text words and phrases. 4.   You have trouble writing or speaking or otherwise communicating with human beings. 3.   You created your own website called www.ILoveTexting.com. 2.   You call 911 anytime you misplace or lose your iPhone or Blackberry. And the number one sign that you're a text junkie is...  You text people that are sitting three feet away from you and they text you back and this can go on for hours without anyone speaking to each other.

06/04/2009 1:53PM
Texting Junkies
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12/21/2009 8:57AM
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12/23/2009 6:09PM
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yeah... thank you for this post )
12/26/2009 1:27AM
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