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The Feds going for 'Movie Popcorn'...

One of the Best parts of a movie, especially if the movie ends up
sucking, is the 'Movie Popcorn'!!  The Feds want to make
sure you know what's in your Movie Popcorn. There's a reason
it tastes Good, the reason you may not like..  Brace yourself?

- A Large Movie popcorn has about 1,200- 1,600 calories & 55- 60 grams of saturated fat
Depending on the Company/theater. The higher number is added butter
 That's the equivalent of '3 Big Mac's'-
Looks like Cinemark has the healthiest popcorn option
The center's survey of the nation's three biggest chains found that a large popcorn
at Regal packed 60 grams of saturated fat and 1,200 calories (260 calories more with butter topping),
and the equivalent size at AMC theaters had 1,030 calories and 57 grams of saturated fat.
*A large popcorn at Cinemark, which uses canola oil, had 910 calories and 4 grams of fat.
-Some circuits are planning to add more-healthful items to their menus.
Next month AMC, for example, will introduce AMC Smart MovieSnacks in all of its theaters,
featuring fruit chips, popped corn chips and trail mix.

- The Feds want to pass a law that movie theaters, restaurants, concession stands, pretty
much anywhere with  food has to have the nutrition info up and visible. They want
you to know how many calories you are consuming. 
-Lots of the movie companies are saying that would be to much of an expense, but
I don't  see them having a $$ problem. I didn't realize how cheap a $6 popcorn
is for them...
 a $6 bucket of popcorn costs 15 or 20 cents.. I don't think putting
nutritional value for peeps to see would break them?

So do you want to know what all your guilty pleasures you endulge in from time
time have in them? 

 Sometimes it's just best to be left in the dark with your
buttered movie popcorn and a Good movie. :)


03/31/2011 6:56AM
The Feds going for 'Movie Popcorn'...
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