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Seeing Sara Osburn and her sexy photos got me to thinking - maybe I should explore my sexy side as well. At first I was shy about doing a sexy photo shoot but Sara encouraged me to go for it and that brown paper bags are all the rage these days in men's sexy lingerie.

When I first arrived at the photo shoot I was really nervous but Chantelle Lace, the photographer, was a total professional. She told me to just relax, drink a bottle of Jägermeister, take off all my clothes and grab some paper bags. I told Chantelle that I didn't really like Jägermeister because the last time I drank it I woke up naked in the monkey cage at the San Antonio Zoo and the strange thing about that whole experience was that I didn't live in San Antonio. Chantelle told me the only other thing she had for me to release my inhibitions was a jug of trucker's speed mixed with paint thinner which are actually the same ingredients in Jägermeister so I decided to just go with the Jägermeister. I don't remember much after the ninth or thirteenth Jägerbomb but I hope you enjoy my sexy photo as much as I think I enjoyed posing for it.
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