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Boy Loves Good Humor and a Good Pair of Underwear

Six-year old Toby Fauntleroy of Bangor, Maine has been banned from the local Good Humor ice cream truck – not because little Toby typically only wears a pair of chocolate stained underpants while out in public, but because the truck cannot hold enough ice cream to satisfy little Fauntleroy’s insatiable appetite. Eyewitnesses have stated that Toby screams and throws a temper tantrum when the Good Humor is all gone, causing everyone to run for cover.

In a recent interview, Mr. Cheeseballski, owner and operator of the Good Humor truck said, “Personally, I think the kid has a funny little eatin’ problem and could stand to lose a couple pounds.” Mr. Cheeseballski went on to add that it is a little disturbing to not only watch Toby put down so much ice cream but that Toby also stores all his ice cream money in his underpants. “It just somehow doesn’t seem right to take money from a little kid while he’s only wearing underwear and pulling five and ten dollar bills from his crotch and butt cheeks - enough is enough and it’s never enough for little Toby Fauntleroy.” said Mr. Cheeseballski.
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