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Brad 2.0

Brad Womack was a contestant in 2007 on “The Bachelor” and will give it another try for “The Bachelor” 2011. When asked why he’d put himself through this all over again, Brad replied, “Because they wouldn’t have me on the reality show, “The Biggest Loser.” Okay. I know “The Bachelor” and “The Biggest Loser” are two totally different shows but anyone so desperate for love that they’d appear not once but twice on “The Bachelor” is either the biggest loser in the world of dating or just really, really horny. You may recall during the “Bachelor” 2007 finale when Brad shocked everyone except his mother by not picking skank Jenni Croft or skank DeAnna Pappas. It would take Brad years of therapy to discover the reason behind his indecision in 2007 stemmed from his issues with commitment. Duh. But now Brad swears on his stack of condoms that he is all better and ready to choose one lucky skank from the fresh batch of this year’s bachelorette skank pool. Which skank will Brad choose this time? Or will Brad once again decide to go skankless?  Guess we’ll all have to find out by watching “The Bachelor,” Mondays on ABC. Want to vote for your favorite skanky bachelorette? If so, click here.
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