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Oscar Home Run

If you tune into this year’s Oscars and manage to stay awake long enough, you may notice the academy has brought back a category it retired several years ago – Best Supporting Object.

Rumor has it the favorite to win Best Supporting Object this year is Baseball, from the movie “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt.

I recently caught up with Baseball while it was nude sunbathing in St. Tropez.  Baseball said it was excited about the nomination and said it plans on “kicking Bats ass” who is also nominated this year for Best Supporting Object.  Apparently there is still some animosity between Baseball and Bat as both were nominated back in 1989 for the movie “Field of Dreams.” Baseball lost to Bat that year and when I asked Baseball how he liked his chances this year, it replied,  “Bat doesn’t have a chance this time around. I mean c’mon! That guy acts like a piece of wood for Christ sake!”  Bat could not be reached for comment.
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