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Aubrey O'Day Is A Crybaby

Upon hearing her team had lost the week 6 challenge, Celebrity Apprentice contestant Aubrey O'Day, who was the task project manager, cried like a baby and messed up her mascara. Sucking her thumb while throwing a temper tantrum on top of the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom conference table, baby Aubrey cried so much that Donald Trump felt sorry for her and gave her $10,000 for her charity and a lollypop for Aubrey.

The Donald admitted he has seen many women cry but that it usually comes after they've had sex with him. Donald asked the crying Ms. O'Day, "Why are you crying? Are you crying for your charity, because you lost or because you know I want to have sex with you?" Aubrey replied, "Waaaaah, waaaaah, waaaaah! I'm crying for my charity first, because I lost second and did you say you wanted to have sex with me?"

Donald: "Did I say I wanted to have sex with you? That must have slipped out."

Aubrey: "I love you like a father Mr. Trump so sex would be kinda icky but not out of the question but I would really like to have sex with your son, Donald Jr."

Donald: "Donald Jr. is married."

Aubrey: "OK. So maybe Jr., his wife and I could have a three-way."

Donald: "That's not gonna happen, Aubrey."

Aubrey: "Waaaaah, waaaaah, waaaaah!"

Donald: "Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey... stop crying. How about another $10,000 for your charity, $10,000 for you and me naked and another lollypop?"

Aubrey: "Can we do a foursome with Donald Jr.?"

Donald: "No! Stop with the Donald Jr."

Aubrey: "Waaaaah, waaaaah, waaaaah!"

Be sure to watch the next Celebrity Apprentice when this week's challenge finds Aubrey trying to seduce Clay Aiken into having sex with her as part of her plot to turn Clay from gay to straight. Here is a sneak peek at this week's episode:

Aubrey: "Waaaaah, waaaaah, waaaaah!"

Clay: "Awwww, girl. Why are you still crying?"

Aubrey: "Donald Sr. won't let me have sex with Donald Jr. Waaaaah!"

Clay: "But Aubrey, Donald Jr. is married. And by the way, Donald Sr. won't let me have sex with Donald Jr. either."
Aubrey: "I know but I'm so beautiful and talented and creative. What man wouldn't want to have sex with me? Would you have sex with me, Clay? Wah."

Clay: "Oh lordy, child. I'm gay."

Aubrey: "But maybe if you had sex with me you wouldn't be gay anymore. Wah. [sniff]"

Clay: "[gulp]"
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