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The Unknown Blogger

The Unknown Blogger?s BIGGEST Pet Peeves

ballcap.jpgWe all have those things that get under our skin and make us crazy! Here’s a short but potent list of mine:
  1. Men in Crocs Saw one at lunch today. It just looks stupid. Ladies- can you not send your man out of the house in something appropriate. Which brings me to another—
  2. Grown men with their ballcaps on backwards- isn’t there an age limit for this? Oh and….
  3. Men in nice restaurants with ball caps on. Why do I even need to bring this up?
  4. People who say “if you don’t like the weather here, wait five minutes.” I’ve lived in 12 different places…they say that EVERYWHERE.
  5. Videos and commercials with women walking in slow motion while fans are blowing their hair. Think Beyonce and Pussycat Dolls. Overdone and not sexy.
  6. Myspace and facebook pictures of a group of girls all with alcoholic beverages in their hands. These pictures are on EVERY girls’ myspace. it screams “the only way I can hang with these ho’s is if I’m hammered.” Is it just me or are girls all alcoholics now?
  7. People who say “if this helps just one person it will be a success”. No it won’t. If you undertake any project and it helps just one person it is a massive failure and a waste of time.
  8. People who are always cold. Eat something!
  9. All these different handshakes. Chest bumping, butt bumping, high fives, low fives, finger snapping….JUST TAKE MY HAND AND SHAKE IT LIKE A MAN.
  10. Fantasy football. Can I watch a game without all this stupid information scrolling everywhere, just so you can lose all your money, and just because you were never picked to actually play IN a real game of football?

01/06/2009 9:48AM
The Unknown Blogger’s BIGGEST Pet Peeves
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