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The Unknown Blogger

Overrated Songs

Hi there. It's me again, the MIX 94.7 Unknown Blogger. I’m usually an angry guy and today is no exception. Today I’m angry about music. I’m not angry AT music…I love music…let me be more specific. I’m angry about the songs you hear all the time because people claim they love them. The songs that chicks that drank too much stand up at a stadium and go “woooooooooh” when they come over the loudspeaker…or the songs every guy claims to love because they’re afraid they’ll seem uncool if they don’t. So here’s the list of the Unknown Blogger’s MOST OVERRATED SONGS OF ALL TIME. Sweet Home Alabama OK this song does begin with a fierce guitar riff…HOWEVER…have you ever one time really paid attention to the words? “In Birmingham they love the Governor.” Any idea who that refers to? At the time the song was out the Gov of Alabama was none other than George Wallace, one of the biggest racists in history…he’s the one who tried to stand in the way PERSONALLY and not allow a black student to enter the University of Alabama. And the line “Watergate does not bother me.” No it was perfectly fine for us to have a thievin’, lyin’, criminal in the White House named Richard Nixon. Oh, and sweet home Alabama. have you ever been to Alabama? Stairway to Heaven This song is supposed to be the defining moment in classic rock history. HUMBUG. It’s long, overblown and not close to being the best song Led Zep ever did. Every one claims to love it, especially guys…they fear they’ll have to turn in their man card if they don’t say so. BUT, in a research project done in Philadelphia, a hot bed for classic rock, nearly two-thirds of all listeners punched out the station within seconds of Stairway to Heaven hitting the airwaves. In the Air Tonight It was cool when it was out. But so was dressing like Don Johnson, and that ain’t cool anymore either. And nobody, not even Phil Collins, has any idea what the song was about. It’s just 80’s cheese at it’s finest, or in UB’s opinion, worst. Born To Run I ain’t hatin’ on The Boss. But this song is so, so, soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cheezy! That line that goes somethin’ like “the boulevard is full of broken heroes on a last chance power drive.” OH GOD. New Jersey had the gall to vote this their state song. And they wonder why everybody makes fun of New Jersey.

01/06/2009 10:04AM
Overrated Songs
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