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U2 Talks to God

nloth4.jpgGod, I’m going down I don’t wanna drown now Meet me in the sound Let me in the sound Let me in the sound Let me in the sound, sound Let me in the sound, sound Meet me in the sound Get on your boots Get on your boots Get on your boots Yeah hey hey U2 - "Get On Your Boots" Wow. Pretty bad... and that's just the lyrics. The new song "Get On Your Boots" is U2's latest track from their yet to be released album, "No Line On The Horizon." If the rest of the album is anything like their preview single, "Get On Your Boots," we're all going to need plenty of boots to wade through all this U2 pooh. By the way, I'm a longtime U2 fan so this latest effort by the boys is a bit of a disappointment. If you want to judge for yourself, take a listen here. The first 10 seconds of "Get On Your Boots" is filled with promise as Edge's fuzzy guitar riff pumps along with a blazing drum line from Larry Mullen Jr. but then the whole song proceeds to fragment into boring noise. Explaining the creative process of making "No Line On The Horizon," Bono is quoted in a recent interview with Rolling Stone as saying, "It's a very strange feeling. We're waiting for God to walk into the room - and God, it turns out, is very unreliable. ... But what you can do is create the condition where it might happen." Gosh. I'm going to go out on a limb here and bet that God didn't show up during the recording of "Boots." One time God walked into my bathroom and told me my dead alcoholic uncle Sylvester was doing fine in heaven and still enjoys a drink or two or three but in heaven you don't ever get a hangover and you almost never pass out drunk on the floor in the heaven's men's room. Sweet! Anyway. "No Line On The Horizon" is due out March 3, 2009 in the U.S. Tone-deaf fans can pre-order a copy here. Maybe there's time to fix the album before it's released but U2 is going to need some help. So. God. If you're listening... could you talk to Bono and the boys and throw them a bone? Kind of like when you helped out Katy Perry with that smash hit, "I Kissed a Girl"! Yeah hey hey!

01/24/2009 1:39PM
U2 Talks to God
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